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You can either download the zsh source from one of the mirrors or from Sourceforge.

Download zsh 5.4.2 from Sourceforge (-doc contains the documentation/man pages):

As xzed tar archive: zsh-5.4.2.tar.xz (2.9MiB, gpg signature), zsh-5.4.2-doc.tar.xz (3.1MiB, gpg signature)

As gzipped tar archive: zsh-5.4.2.tar.gz (4.3MiB, gpg signature), zsh-5.4.2-doc.tar.gz (3.6MiB, gpg signature)

All files are signed with the GnuPG key:

pub   2048R/4BDB27B3 2015-11-25
      Key fingerprint = F7B2 754C 7DE2 8309 1466  1F0E A71D 9A9D 4BDB 27B3
uid                  Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@ntlworld.com>
sub   2048R/4C58D718 2015-11-25

Older releases can be downloaded from the zsh downloads on Sourceforge.

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