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This is a reference card for zsh. It was created based on version 3.1.9 so is a little out-of-date. It is seven pages long, even with three columns per page, so you will need a very big piece of card to stick it to.

It is only formatted for A4 paper, since it tries to use the paper to the maximum; I would be glad to support letter format if someone sends me appropriate changes. Meanwhile, Maciej Kalisiak suggests simply rescaling using the widely available psnup program from psutils:

  psnup -1 -Pa4 -pletter < refcard.ps > refcard-letter.ps

The reference card does not currently cover the shell's line editor (zle), which may (or may not) appear in a separate card.

Disclaimer Peter Stephenson <pws@pwstephenson.fsnet.co.uk>
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