ChangeLog for zsh version 4.2.0

2004-03-19  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/, Etc/NEWS, Util/.distfiles:
	zsh-4.2.0 released.

2004-03-18  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: make 19655 a bit safer.

	* 19657: Src/modules.c: Leak when an autoloadable math function
	was read in.  Also, it was impossible to autoload multiple math
	functions from the same library.

	* 19656: Src/exec.c Leak saving and restoring parameters around
	builtins and functions when set temporarily for that command if
	the parameter was previously exported.

	* 19655: Src/params.c: the reverse pointer from a tied array
	to a tied scalar wasn't delete if the array was unset by unsetting
	the scalar (or probably vice versa).

2004-03-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Etc/MACHINES: dlcompat apparently not needed
	on Apple from 10.3 on.

	* 19653: Etc/MACHINES: Latest OS-specific information after some

2004-03-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Test/C02cond.ztst: mention HFS+ as possible cause
	of -N test failure as suggested by James Devenish

	* 19648: Completion/Zsh/Command/_zpty: complete -t and -n options

2004-03-16  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19641: Src/Modules/pcre.c: implement -pcre-match conditional
        suggested by Oliver.

2004-03-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19629: Src/Modules/zpty.c: implement Oliver's research into
	making zpty work under HP-UX.

2004-03-16  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19640: Src/Modules/pcre.c: improve error reporting a bit.

	* 19631: Doc/Zsh/mod_pcre.yo, Src/Modules/pcre.c: avoid segfault
	when pcre_study is called before pcre_compile; documentation on
	pcre_compile options.

2004-03-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19140 (patch reversed): Nicholas George: Src/builtin.c: Release
	process group on shell exit if acquired.

2004-03-14  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: LICENCE: update year to 2004

	* unposted: Etc/MACHINES: mention relevant version numbers

	* 19619: fix problem with getting signals
	on MacOS X 10.1

2004-03-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* zsh-users/7160: Src/Zle/zle_misc.c, Src/Zle/zle_utils.c,
	Util/check_exports: Check and fix mod_export entries.

	* 19615: Etc/MACHINES: update information.

2004-03-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mtr, Completion/Unix/Command/_vux,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_tla: fix indentation, missing local
	and add to .distfiles

	* 19616: use correct shared library link options
	for gcc on HP/UX

2004-03-12  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19614: Completion/Unix/Command/_mtr: better descriptions
	and grouping.

	* 19613: Completion/Unix/Command/_vux: better descriptions
	and indentation.

2004-03-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19602: Src/signames2.awk: adjust to cope with output from the
	preprocessor on HP/UX, Itanium II, fixing signals problems

2004-03-11  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19605: Completion/Unix/Command/_mtr: completion for Matt's

	* 19604: Completion/Unix/Command/_vux: completion for vux
	and vuxctl.

2004-03-11  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19603: Test/Y01completion.ztst, Test/Y02compmatch.ztst,
	Test/Y03arguments.ztst: Gracefully omit tests if zsh/zpty is
	not available.

2004-03-11  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19600: Completion/Unix/Command/_tla: rudimentary completion
	for tla.

2004-03-11  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19596: Src/module.c: include dlfcn.h instead of dl.h on HP/UX 11

	* 19595: Src/hashtable.c, Src/lex.c, Src/parse.c, Src/zsh.h,
	Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: rename DO to DOLOOP to avoid conflict with
	a DO in curses.h on Tru64 5.1

2004-03-10  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19575: Src/signals.c, Test/C03traps.ztst: Fix the problem
	that trap '...' EXIT overrode the exit status of the function
	it was in.

2004-03-08  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19566: Doc/Zsh/params.yo: change associative array
	documentation to refer to Parameter Expansion Flags
	rather than Subscript Flags.  Wording by Frederik
	Eaton and Peter.

2004-03-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19554: Src/pattern.c: improve users/7121 by allowing
	Cygwin not to use pattern matching if only the case-insensitive
	flag is on.

	* 19553: Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/zle_hist.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_keymap.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_misc.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_move.c, Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c, Src/Zle/zle_vi.c:
	Rename `c' to `lastchar' and mark for export.

	* 19552: Src/params.c: missing mod_export.

2004-03-07  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Etc/MACHINES: builds `out-of-the-box' on OpenBSD 3.4

	* 19549: Src/builtin.c, Test/B03print.ztst: allow for size
	modifiers in printf format spec's buffer

2004-03-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* zsh-users/7121: Doc/Zsh/options.yo, Src/options.c,
	Src/pattern.c, Src/zsh.h: NO_CASE_GLOB option for
	case-insensitive globbing.

2004-03-05  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: config.guess, config.sub: update to versions from
	autoconf 2.59 (the timestamps are 2003-10-03 and 2003-08-18,

2004-03-05  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19540: Completion/Unix/Command/_gpg, Completion/X/Command/_mplayer:
	fixes from Jürgen Erhard, Tommi Komulainen and Chip Salzenberg

2004-03-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/ 4.2.0-pre-3

2004-03-05  Geoff Wing  <>

	* 19474: Src/Zle/compresult.c: fix a calculation when displaying
	completions which are screen width or multiples of that wide, and
	option always_last_prompt is used.

2004-03-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19535:, INSTALL: Add --enable-cap flag
	to turn on search for POSIX capabilities; fails on AIX otherwise.

2004-03-03  Wayne Davison  <>

	* users/7105:, Added back the stamp-h
	idiom which stop regenerating config.h when it is up-to-date but

2004-03-03  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 19530: Src/Zle/zle_params.c: Fixed two cases where unmetify()
	was using an int* to store a value into a size_t variable.

2004-03-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19525: Completion/Unix/Type/_groups: complete groups using
	lookupd on Mac OS X

	* 19525: Src/Modules/socket.c, Src/Modules/tcp.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_params.c: suppress a few compiler warnings

2004-03-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19528: Src/Modules/zselect.c: missing argument when neither
	select nor poll was available.

	* unposted: Config/ zsh 4.2.0-pre-2.

	* 19523: Src/signames2.awk: attempt to work around awk
	problem on AIX 5.

2004-03-02  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* zsh-users/7100: Completion/Base/Core/_main_complete:
	didn't test for [[ -o equals ]] before scrobbling the first
	= of an argument.

	* spotted by Bart 19514: typo in Src/Modules/terminfo.c.

2004-03-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19512: INSTALL,, Src/Modules/pcre.mdd:
	Require --enable-pcre in order to avoid problems with

2004-03-01  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Debian/Command/_aptitude: correct return status

	* 19507: Completion/Unix/Command/_attr,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_less, Completion/Unix/Command/_rcs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_wiggle: new completions for less,
	merge, wiggle, attr, getfattr and setfattr

2004-03-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19505: Src/init.c: compilation with NTTYDISC defined was

2004-02-29  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: fix typo

	* 19498: Completion/Unix/Command/_antiword: update for version 0.35

2004-02-28  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 19477: Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx: improve option argument

2004-02-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19478: make pcre put its flag into
	CPPFLAGS so preprocessor can find them.

2004-02-26  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: Src/Modules/zpty.c: silenced a compiler warning
	about an unused variable.

2004-02-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: .cvsignore, .distfiles, README, Config/,
	Functions/Zle/.distfiles: zsh 4.2.0-pre-1.

2004-02-26  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_raggle: reword --help
	description and add a version string 

	* 19468: Completion/Unix/Command/_elinks,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_gpg, Completion/Unix/Command/_imagemagick,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_java, Completion/Unix/Command/_links,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx, Completion/Unix/Command/_pine,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion, Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_webbrowser, Completion/Unix/Command/_wget,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_urls, Completion/X/Command/_mozilla,
	Completion/X/Command/_mplayer: capitalize URL abbreviation in
	completion descriptions 

2004-02-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19460:, Src/Modules/terminfo.c,
	Src/Modules/terminfo.mdd: Another go at fixing the terminfo
	configuration problems.

2004-02-25  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 19458: Completion/Unix/Command/_raggle: new completion for raggle

2004-02-23  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19457: Completion/Unix/Command/_rar, Completion/Unix/Command/_sed,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh, Completion/Unix/Command/_uniq:
	new sed and uniq completions, add descriptions for
	rar commands and update completion for ssh-keygen

2004-02-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19456:, Src/system.h, Src/Modules/zpty.c,
	Src/Zle/iwidgets.list, Src/Zle/zle_hist.c: Fix 19428.

2004-02-20  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19455: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: complete hostnames
	and nfs mounts

2004-02-19  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Debian/Command/_bts: patch from
	Christian Marillat; complete new BTS tags.

2004-02-19  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: Src/Zle/complist.c: Silenced some compiler warnings
	about uninitialized variables.

2004-02-18  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19437: don't rely on path search to find

	* 19436: Completion/Unix/Type/_groups, Completion/Unix/Type/_hosts,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_printers: complete more things from nis

2004-02-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19428:, Src/Modules/pty.c: use configure to
	test if we can create pty pairs using /dev/ptmx.

	* 19428: fix test for #include'ing STREAMS

	* 19427: Src/jobs.c: last job in table wasn't reported with `jobs'.

2004-02-16  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_apachectl: complete also for

	* Frank v Waveren: 19423: Completion/X/Command/_mplayer: correct
	typo in one of the options

2004-02-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19422: Src/Zle/compctl.c: fix crash if given a long option

2004-02-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19420: acconfig.h, aczsh.m4,,,
	Config/, Src/, Src/Modules/system.mdd

2004-02-13  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19418: Completion/Linux/Command/_modutils,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_lzop, Completion/Unix/Command/_perldoc,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_vorbis, Completion/X/Command/_mozilla,
	Completion/X/Command/_nedit: update completions for new versions

2004-02-12  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/X/Command/_acroread: capitalize PDF
	abbreviation in the file match descriptions

2004-02-10  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19415: Doc/Zsh/options.yo: fix documentation to indicate that
	short_loops option is applicable to repeat loops too

	* 19409: Completion/Base/Widget/_generic: handle situation where
	the user has the nounset option set

2004-02-09  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 19410: Src/Zle/compmatch.c: Another fix to avoid a match that
	ends in the middle of a Meta sequence.

	* 19406: Src/Zle/compmatch.c: Optimized the check for a
	"widowed" Meta character.

2004-02-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19408: Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: fix option handling for ulimit -aH.

2004-02-04  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Mikael Magnusson: 19405: Completion/Unix/Command/_gphoto2:
	new completion for gphoto2

2004-01-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19389 plus added stdunsetfn to EPOCHSECONDS:
	Src/Modules/datetime.c, Doc/Zsh/mod_datetime.yo: add -s scalar
	option to strftime, remove EPOCHSECONDS cleanly when module

2004-01-21  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19387: Completion/...: add (-.) glob qualifiers to many globs
	where only files are directly applicable: _files can add directories 

	* 19309: Completion/Unix/Type/_files: add #q to the start of a
	glob qualifier in the -g argument so that glob qualifiers can
	be specified from the file-patterns style
2004-01-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Bob Schmertz: 19385: Src/compmatch.c: protect against calling
	add_match_part with NULL pointers.

2004-01-19  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Vincent Stemen <>: users/7011:
	Src/ add_automathfunc was misnamed in
	shell script.

2004-01-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19382: Functions/Misc/zmv: better error message if move failed
	due to file system not recognising new name as being different.

2004-01-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19378: Completion/Debian/Command/_update-rc.d,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_services: complete for update-rc.d and avoid
	picking up README files as services

	* 19377 based on 19375 (Laurent Rineau):
	Completion/Unix/Type/_email_addresses: handle better
	situation where MH is not installed

2004-01-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19374: Src/params.c: typo in 19361 caused crashes when
	unsetting special parameters tied internally to arrays.

2004-01-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19364: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_printenv: complete for printenv.

2004-01-14  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19369: Completion/Unix/Command/_getent,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_precommand: complete for getent,
	aptitude and catchsegv

	* spotted by Bart: 19365: Completion/Unix/Type/_perl_modules:
	avoid use of $words[0]

2004-01-13  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 19358: Completion/Unix/Command/_elinks: update for version 0.9.0

2004-01-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19361: Src/builtin.c, Src/params.c: Memory leaks possibly
	indicated by valgrind.  Retying a pair of variables leaked
	a string.  Attempting to assign to a slice of an associative
	array (error) could leak the value.  Unsetting the array part
	of a user tied array leaked a couple of bytes.

2004-01-09  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19354: Doc/Zsh/compctl.yo, Doc/Zsh/intro.yo: Fix section
	names in manual which upset Docbook.

2004-01-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19338 adapated (see following thread): .distfiles,,,,,
	Etc/zsh-development-guide: Remove support for autoconf
	versions before 2.50.

2004-01-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19339: Doc/Zsh/tcpsys.yo, Functions/TCP/tcp_fd_handler,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_read: test for whether we are in a zle handler;
	allow filter to abort output.

2004-01-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19336: Src/Zle/compmatch.c: Matches were compared in length
	treating Meta characters as ordinary characters.  This could
	result in a common prefix being truncated immediately after
	the Meta.  This generated an invalid metafied string which
	could cause the shell to crash.

2004-01-05  Wayne Davison  <>

	* zsh-users/6969: Src/builtin.c: made an eval of an empty string
	return a zero errorcode.

2003-12-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19308: Src/utils.c, Test/C01arith.ztst: zsh crashes with $((##))

2003-12-16  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19299: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: try to handle
	completion of devices better

2003-12-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: add an extra comment to
	the zle -K vicmd at Bart's suggestion in 19282.

2003-12-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19281: Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo:
	zle-line-init, if defined as a widget, is called when zle
	starts to read a line.

2003-12-05  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19276: Completion/Base/Completer/_prefix: fix fallback used to
	get completer list if the style lookup failed

2003-12-04  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Baptiste Daroussin: 19272: Completion/Unix/Command/_chown,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_links, Completion/X/Command/_mplayer:
	use colon separator on Linux for chown, complete links graphics
	drivers and more file types for mplayer

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion: small addition to
	output from `svn help diff' broke substitution for getting options

2003-12-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19269: Src/pattern.c, Misc/globtests, Test/D02glob.ztst:
	8-bit characters didn't work in character classes where
	chars were signed.

2003-11-28  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_elinks: update for version 0.4.3

2003-11-21  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19265: Completion/Unix/Command/_ls, Completion/X/Command/_mozilla:
	update for latest versions

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_screen: tidy up descriptions

	* Stephen Rüger: 19255: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt: update
	to work with APT 0.5.14

2003-11-17  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_wget: --dns-cache option takes a
	boolean argument

2003-11-14  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19244: Completion/Linux/Command/_mondo,
	Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi, Completion/Unix/Command/_grep,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mh, Completion/Unix/Command/_mount,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync, Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m, Completion/Unix/Command/_wget,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_xmlsoft, Completion/Unix/Type/_diff_options,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_alias, Completion/Zsh/Command/_precommand:
	various completion function fixes and updates

2003-11-14  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m: fix typo

2003-11-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19242: acconfig.h,, Src/Builtin.c, Src/exec.c,
	Src/init.c, Src/jobs.c, Src/prompt.c, Src/signals.c, Src/zsh.h,
	Src/Modules/parameter.c, Src/Zle/compctl.c: Make the job table
	dynamically reallocatable.  Expand as needed, reduce only at
	top level.

2003-11-11  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: bug in
	_perforce_groups; wrong tag for users; directory completion
	when not completing all files.

2003-11-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19218: Src/exec.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c: extend 19216 to
	fix similar probably when calling zle widgets.

	* 19216: Src/exec.c: save and restore $pipestatus on functions
	when noreturnval flag is set.  Remove unnecessary debugging output.

2003-11-02  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* unposted: Src/.cvsignore, Src/Builtins/.cvsignore,
	Src/Modules/.cvsignore, Src/Zle/.cvsignore: add *.dll for cygwin
	builds and fix typo. 

2003-10-29  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* c.f. 19209: Src/...: Globally replace zcalloc with zshcalloc
	to avoid clash with zcalloc from zlib; this is linked in on
	some systems (certainly Debian) for some database lookups.

2003-10-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* zsh-users/6727: from Lloyd Zusman: Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: improved w3m support inspired
	by _lynx.

2003-10-26  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* zsh-users/6738: Functions/Zle/url-quote-magic: replacement for
	self-insert that quotes shell metacharacters when they appear in a
	word that looks like a URL.

	* zsh-users/6736: Functions/Zle/quote-and-complete-word: widget
	that puts double-quotes around words before invoking completion.

2003-10-24  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19202: Doc/, Doc/Zsh/mod_datetime.yo:
	rudimentary documentation for zsh/datetime module.

	* 19201: Completion/Unix/Command/_screen: patch from
	Yasuhiro Hayase to complete normal commands after screen.

2003-10-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19185: Functions/Zle/delete-whole-word-match: Bart spotted
	context was wrong.

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: make it
	easier to use add-on commands with _perforce.

	* 19183: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Functions/Zle/delete-whole-word-match:  New word-matching function
	to delete entire word around cursor.

2003-10-09  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_nmap: update for nmap 3.48

2003-10-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles, Etc/.distfiles:
	more new files weren't handled.

	* 19169: Src/Modules/datetime.c: change SECS parameter to

2003-10-07  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* users/6663: Completion/compaudit: follow symlinks when checking
	permissions on directories in the fpath; also in case of symlinks,
	find parent with ${^fpath:h} rather than ${^fpath}/..
2003-10-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19168: Src/prompt.c, Src/utils.c, Src/Modules/datetime.c:
	various problems with size of buffers and pointer usage
	in ztrftime().

	* 19167: Src/glob.c, Test/E01options.ztst: NULL at start
	of BRACE_CCL range didn't work.

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/.distfiles, Src/zsh.mdd,
	Src/Modules/.distfiles:  update distribution files for
	18980 (zsh/system) and 19053 (Functions/MIME).

2003-09-28  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19151: Src/Modules/datetime.c: add $SECS parameter for
	seconds since epoch.

2003-09-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: suggested by
	Felix: use hostname from client, if any, for p4 -H completion
	since no other name makes sense there.

	* 19139: Test/B02typeset.ztst: add extra tests for typeset -T.

2003-09-25  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: Src/builtin.c: fixed old-style typeset -T (without
	the new separator arg).

2003-09-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19129: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Src/builtin.c, Src/params.c,
	Src/utils.c, Src/zsh.h: extra tie arguemnt in
	"typeset -T PAGER pager ' '" used for joining and splitting.

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: improve handling
	of label completion: now faster and uses filename to narrow
	range if after `@'.

2003-09-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19105: Src/init.c, Src/jobs.c: Set shout to stderr if we
	are interactive but have no terminal.  Prevents crash in
	history and potentially elsewhere.

	* 19112: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: several improvements
	and bug fixes.

2003-09-21  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* users/6606: Completion/Base/Utility/_sep_parts: handle any
	matching control options passed down

	* 19106: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: document use for _menu

2003-09-17  Vin Shelton  <>

	* 19087: Doc/Zsh/mod_system.yo: Fix up makeinfo warning.

2003-09-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19096: Src/Modules/system.c: Unloading zsh/system could crash
	the shell because the set and unset elements for the errnos
	array weren't installed.

2003-09-15  Vin Shelton  <>

	* 19087: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: Fix capitalization to make makeinfo

2003-09-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Vin Shelton: 19073: Src/exec.c (execcmd): Replace C++-style comment.

	* Vin Shelton: 19038: Make sed grok icc's cpp output.

2003-09-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19053 modified c.f. 19056: Functions/MIME, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo:
	Functions using suffix aliases for handling suffixes mailcap

2003-09-14  Clint Adams  <>

	* 19076: Src/Modules/terminfo.c: don't call setupterm
	with NULL as last argument as that causes the shell to
	exit when the terminal is unknown.

2003-09-11  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19059: acconfig.h,, Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c,
	Src/hashtable.h, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: add -v, -V and -p flags
	required by POSIX to the command builtin

2003-09-10  Wayne Davison  <>

	* users/6529 + unposted: StartupFiles/zshenv: updated the comments
	to no longer suggest that setting the PATH here (without proper
	precautions) is a safe thing to do.

2003-09-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19044: Src/Modules/parameter.c: several typos in code
	to assign suffix aliases using the parameter saliases.

2003-09-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 19021: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd: in command position,
	try to complete directories once and once only

	* 19019: Completion/Zsh/Command/_alias,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_unhash: only complete aliases of the
	appropriate type for the alias builtin

2003-09-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 19020: Src/hashtable.c: printaliasnode was screwed up by 19014.

	* 19014: Completion/Zsh/Command/_alias,
	Completion/Zsh/Type/.distfiles, Completion/Zsh/Type/_aliases,
	Completion/Zsh/Type/_suffix_alias_files, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_parameter.yo, Src/builtin.c, Src/hashtable.c,
	Src/init.c, Src/lex.c, Src/zsh.h, Src/Modules/parameter.c:
	add `alias -s suf=cmd' capability to expand `anything.suf'
	to `cmd anything.suf'.

2003-08-30  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* c.f. somewhat terse reference in zsh-users/6493:
	use tinfo library for curses if not found elsewhere.

	* 18980:, Doc/.cvsignore, Doc/,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_system.yo, Doc/Zsh/params.yo, Src/params.c,
	Src/Modules/.cvsignore, Src/Modules/errnames1.awk,
	Src/Modules/errnames2.awk, Src/Modules/system.c,
	Src/Modules/system.mdd: zsh/system module provides interface
	to read, write and system errors.

	* 18982: Src/subst.c:  Comments/rant for paramsubst().

	* 18981: Doc/Zsh/tcpsys.yo: General tidy up.

2003-08-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18959: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: improve global
	option handling again; completing global options themselves
	was infelicitous.

2003-08-21  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18958: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: improved option
	handling for p4 change.

2003-08-21  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18956: Completion/Unix/Command/_a2ps: update for a2ps 4.13

2003-08-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18951: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: Improve 18948 to
	limit options retained, also make argument to p4 -p complete

	* 18942: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: Fix autoremoval
	of slashes which were stomped on by the special suffix handler.

2003-08-20  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18949: Completion/Unix/Command/_du,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_directories: new completion for du

 	* 18947: Completion/Unix/Command/_chown: also complete options using

2003-08-19  Adam Spiers  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_perl: allow completion of .PL
	files (e.g. Makefile.PL).  Thanks to Marko Myllynen for the suggestion.

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_irssi: fix quoting bug.

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_adam2_setup: fix colouring
	and bug introduced since % needed to be quoted inside ${//}

2003-08-19  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18948: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: Pass global
	options via _call_command interface to commands that generate
	completion lists.

2003-08-16  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18944: Completion/Unix/Command/_ruby: update ruby completion for
	version 1.8.0 and add descriptions for -T matches

2003-08-11  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18941: Src/hist.c, Src/input.c: Alias text could end up in
	history after a parsing error during alias expansion.

	* 18938: Src/lex.c, Src/Math.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c,
	Src/Zle/compcore.c: Mark some data symbols for export, shutting
	up Cygwin's dllwrap.  Note that c from zle_main.c is not marked
	for export because no-one would ever export a symbol called c.

2003-08-05  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Completion/Unix/Command/_archie: archie servers no longer exist
	so remove redundant completion

	* 18928: Completion/Unix/Command/_cdrecord: new cdrecord completion

	* 18927: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: fix recent mistake with quoting

2003-08-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18926: Src/Zle/complist.c: fix (without knowing how) insertion
	of file names requiring metafication into the command line on
	a successful menu selection.

2003-08-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18920: Src/utils.c, Completion/Core/Base/_main_complete: update
	18916 to use space to join if unset, as per POSIX; set IFS locally
	in completion just in case.

2003-08-01  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18922: Src/glob.c: fix minor bug with f glob qualifier

	* 18921: Completion/Unix/Command/_chmod: new chmod completion

2003-08-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18916: Src/utils.c: Unsetting IFS could cause segmentation
	fault (any time IFS was used to join an array).

2003-07-31  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18914: Completion/Base/Utility/_nothing,
	Completion/Cygwin/Command/_pscp, Completion/Cygwin/Command/_putclip,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_auto-apt, Completion/Debian/Command/_bug,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_debsign, Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_dput, Completion/Debian/Command/_dupload,
	Completion/Linux/Command/_pkgtool, Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_apm, Completion/Unix/Command/_arping,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs, Completion/Unix/Command/_fakeroot,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_fsh, Completion/Unix/Command/_global,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_global_tags, Completion/Unix/Command/_vorbis,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_imagemagick, Completion/Unix/Command/_irssi,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mysql_utils, Completion/Unix/Command/_pbm,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_rar, Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_slrn, Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin,
	Completion/X/Command/_acroread, Completion/X/Type/_x_color:
	tidy up a number of completion functions (includes fixes, updates,
	improvements and simple aesthetic changes)

2003-07-29  Wayne Davison  <>

	* users/6421: Src/Zle/zle_misc.c: Don't crash if alt-y is
	typed twice in a row without a prior ctrl-y.

2003-07-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18908: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Functions/TCP/tcp_fd_handler,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_read, Functions/TCP/tcp_send,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_sess: Use print/read -u for supplying fd's.
	Tweak documentation for print/read -u for consistency.

2003-07-24  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18901: baptiste daroussin (and Nikolai Weibull, 18894):
	Completion/Unix/Command/_vorbis: new completions for ogg vorbis

	* 18893: baptiste daroussin: Completion/Linux/Command/_pkgtool,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_rar: improved _pkgtool and new
	completions for rar/unrar

	* 18900: Completion/Linux/Command/_iptables,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_nmap: new iptables and nmap completions

2003-07-23  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18890: Completion/Unix/Command/_sablotron: new sabcmd completion

	* 18877: Etc/completion-style-guide: add a few more points

2003-07-23  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18888: Philippe Troin: Src/Modules/clone.c: Allow clone to
	acquire a controlling tty so that the clone can use job control.

2003-07-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18880: Src/Modules/parameter.c: Don't return unset variables
	in whole array value for $parameters.

2003-07-21  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18859: Completion/Base/Core/_description, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	Allow sort style to be set to false to turn off sorting when
	on by default.

2003-07-21  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18872: Completion/Unix/Command/_java: update javac completion for
	SDK 1.4.x and rename serialvar to serialver

2003-07-20  Clint Adams  <>

	* 18874: Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion: PATH can mean
	files too.

2003-07-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18866: Etc/completion-style-guide: document conventions used
	in completion functions

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_aap: adjust return code
	in the same way as was done for old completions in 18631

2003-07-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18864: Src/lex.c: unnecessary spaces with empty substitutions
	when using ${(Q)...} flag.

2003-07-17  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18863: Completion/Unix/Command/_aap: new completion for aap

2003-07-16  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Debian/Command/_bug,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_debsign, Completion/Linux/Command/_pkgtool,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs, Completion/Unix/Command/_ecasound,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce, Completion/Unix/Command/_screen:
	remove initial capitalisation from option descriptions

2003-07-09  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18841: Completion/Base/Completer/_prefix: work around problem
	where the unambiguous part is empty making the word be removed

2003-07-09  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18839, modified c.f. 18840: Completion/Unix/Command/_nice,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_precommand: Completion for nice.

	* unposted: Config/ rebrand as 4.1.1-dev-1 to
	avoid confusion with release version.

	* 18836: Src/builtin.c, Test/B04read.ztst: `read -d' failed with
	metafied delimiters, in particular null.

2003-07-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18824: Functions/Zle/kill-word-match: deleted to the end
	of the line owing to typo with substitution.

2003-07-07  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* spotted by Bart: 18817: Functions/Prompts/prompt_adam2_setup:
	need to quote % anchor in substitution

	* 18822: Completion/Base/Completer/_expand, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	fix accept-exact style not not bail out when it shouldn't and
	add a setting to continue on and do normal completion

2003-07-07  Clint Adams  <>

	* 18831: Completion/Unix/Command/_subversion: completion for
	svn and svnadmin.
	* 18832: Completion/Debian/Command/_debsign: completion for
	debsign, by Matt Zimmerman.

2003-07-04  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18811: Completion/Unix/Type/_files: needed to quote % in
	substitution as users/6154 caused it to be interpreted as an anchor

2003-07-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Functions/TCP/.distfiles: forgot this.

	* 18810: Doc/Zsh/tcpsys.yo, Functions/TCP/tcp_expect,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_open, Functions/TCP/tcp_output,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_point, Functions/TCP/tcp_read,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_send, Functions/TCP/tcp_shoot,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_spam, Functions/TCP/tcp_wait: Various
	enhancements and bug fixes for the TCP function suite.

	* 18571: Doc/Zsh/params.yo: Note easy way of replacing
	associative array elements using +=.  (Posted ages ago
	and forgotten about.)

	* 18807: baptiste daroussin <>:
	Completion/Linux/Command/_pkgtool: Completion for Slackware
	package management tool.

2003-07-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* users/6367: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: match-words-by-style was
	wrongly called match-word-by-style.

	* 18796: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: quoting of characters
	when completing existing CVS-managed files (in particular
	spaces) was flakey.  The same problem probably exists for
	completing modified files, but the code is indecipherable.

	* 18769: Src/exec.c: parse error in autoloading file causes
	return value zero and empty function definition.  Presumed
	to be error introduced with wordcode.

2003-06-25  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18634: Tomi Vainio: Src/system.h: work around problem with
	latest Sun k2 compiler mistaking an array as variable length

	* 18631: Completion/AIX/Command/_smit,
	Completion/Linux/Command/_modutils, Completion/Linux/Command/_uml,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ant, Completion/Unix/Command/_arp,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_bzip2, Completion/Unix/Command/_compress,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_elinks, Completion/Unix/Command/_finger,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_gpg, Completion/Unix/Command/_gzip,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_java, Completion/Unix/Command/_links,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_look, Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_lzop, Completion/Unix/Command/_mt,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_prcs, Completion/Unix/Command/_sccs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_telnet, Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_zip, Completion/Zsh/Command/_compdef,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_hash, Completion/Zsh/Command/_which:
	returning too early breaks prefix-needed style set to false

2003-06-25  Clint Adams  <>

	* 18628: Completion/Debian/Command/_bug: update completion of
	reportbug and querybts to modern usage.

	* 18627: Completion/Unix/Command/_imagemagick: -resize and
	-shave options to mogrify.

2003-06-24  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18626: Src/Modules/terminfo.c: Try to do a better job of arg
	support for echoti, fixing compile problem on 64-bit Solaris

2003-06-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18618: Etc/ Script to turn ChangeLog into
	HTML for display on the website.

2003-06-19  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18616: Src/Modules/zutil.c, Doc/Zsh/mod_zutil.yo: Add
	ternary expression handling to zformat.

2003-06-18  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: README, Etc/NEWS, Config/ version 4.1.1,

2003-06-05  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18607: Completion/Unix/Command/_rlogin: correctly handle
	quoting for remote files for rcp completion

2003-06-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* users/6154: Src/subst.c: anchors didn't work with //
	parameter substitution.

	* 18526 tweaked (c.f. 18527): Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments,
	Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	fix use of style prefix-needed in _arguments by adding an
	option -O to _describe.

2003-06-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18600: Src/pattern.c: bug matching against [[:xdigit:]].

2003-05-30  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18587: Src/Modules/langinfo.c: fix bug where only the beginning
	of the association key was compared so MON_10 would match MON_1

2003-05-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/, Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/X/Command/.distfiles: zsh-4.1.1-test-3.

2003-05-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18578: Src/builtin.c: changet to OPT_ISSET() in 18559
	affected some tests which should have been using OPT_PLUS().

2003-05-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18569: Src/subst.c: error with numeric sorting of parameters;
	owing to typo pointers could become corrupt.

	* 18559, 18562: README, Doc/Zsh/mod_socket.yo, Doc/Zsh/mod_tcp.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/zle.yo, Src/zsh.h, Src/Modules/files.c,
	Src/Modules/socket.c, Src/Modules/tcp.c Src/Zle/zle_keymap.c
	Src/Zle/zle_main.c: zsocket -d, ztcp -d, bindkey -M and
	mkdir -m now take arguments of their own instead of swallowing the
	first normal argument.  Also upgrade comment in README for 18512.

2003-05-21  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18565: Src/subst.c, Test/D04parameter.ztst: when ${(u)...}
	reduced an array from more than one element to example one
	stuff happened.

2003-05-19  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18548: Src/Zle/zle_main.c: memory leak when vared'ing arrays
	spotted by valgrind (18543).

2003-05-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18530: Src/builtin.c, Src/options.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo:
	print option states with `set -o' or `set +o' 

2003-05-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18539: Src/init.c: upgrade 18536 to autoload zle on
	`set -o vi' or `set -o emacs'.

2003-05-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18536: Doc/Zsh/options.yo, Src/init.c, Src/options.c,
	Src/zsh.h, Src/Zle/zle_keymap.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c:
	Add EMACS and VI options for POSIX-style
	keymap changes; only implemented for compatibility.

	* Jonathan Paisley <>: 18513:
	Src/Zle/complist.c: Work around a bad pointer access after
	resizing the terminal in menu selection.

2003-05-13  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18525: Src/utils.c: add manual UTF-8 conversion as extra
	implementation of \u and \U so it should work on more systems

2003-05-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18524: Src/utils.c: sepjoin didn't respect !heap for an empty
	array.  Showed up when vared'ing a zero-length array.

2003-05-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18520, 13691 (Mario Lang), 13701 (Sven):
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ecasound: completion for ecasound

	* 18520, 15822/15838 (Bruno Bonfils): Completion/Unix/Command/_gpg:
	new completion for gpg

	* 18520 based on 16380, 16541 (Bruno Bonfils) and users/6013
	(GoTaR <>): Completion/X/Command/_mplayer:
	new completion for mplayer

	* 18519: Completion/Unix/Command/_init_d: was broken due to
	changes in option parsing for the read builtin

2003-05-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18512: README, Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce, Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: 18508 wasn't
	enough; the \\/ hack was documented and in use in the completion
	system.  Change the documentation, mention the inconsistency in
	README and alter the completion system to hide the `/' a parameter
	so that it doesn't care.

2003-05-07  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* users/6083: Completion/Unix/Command/_rlogin,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: get hostname from IPREFIX instead
	of words[CURRENT] to avoid quote characters

	* Michał Politowski: users/6080: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh:
	remove one level of quoting on files before using with remote ls

2003-05-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18508: Src/subst.c, Test/D04parameter.ztst: quoting of the `/'
	separating source and replacment text in ${foo//bar/stuff} was

2003-05-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Koen van Hoo: zsh-users/6049: Src/utils.c: actually in
	4.1.1-test-2 but not documented: don't make terminal window size
	invalid on failed ioctl TIOCGIWNSZ (typically following SIGWINCH)
	since it doesn't do anyone any good.

	* unposted: Config/ version 4.1.1-test-2.

2003-05-05  Andrey Borzenkov  <>

	* unposted: .cvsignore, Completion/.cvsignore, Config/.cvsignore,
	Doc/.cvsignore, Doc/Zsh/.cvsignore, Etc/.cvsignore,
	Functions/.cvsignore, Src/.cvsignore, Src/Builtins/.cvsignore,
	Src/Modules/.cvsignore, Src/Zle/.cvsignore, Test/.cvsignore:
	add *.swp (vim)

	* unposted: Etc/CONTRIBUTORS: my name spelling changed ...

	* 18476: Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: fix
	menu selection on terminals without cursor_down or with
	cursor_down set to ^J (Linux console)

2003-05-02  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18497: README, Etc/NEWS, Fuctions/TCP/tcp_spam: Tweak
	info for 4.1.1; tcp_spam used incorrect syntax when verbose.

	* 18492: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Doc/Zsh/redirect.yo, Src/exec.c,
	Src/jobs.c, Src/signals.c, Src/utils.c, Src/zsh.h,
	Test/A04redirect.ztst, Test/D03procsubst.ztst:  Work around long
	standing problem that multios and output process substitutions
	run asynchronously.  Remember processes and wait for them.
	Unfortunately this only works when run from a builtin as otherwise
	the processes are forked in a subshell which execs the main
	command.  Document use of { ... } as workaround.

	* 18496: Etc/MACHINES: Paul Ackersviller reports the curses
	problem has gone on HP-UX 11 but --disable-dynamic is needed
	for use with Softbench.

2003-04-30  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18486: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe: back-out 18458
	because it causes problems when completing only options

2003-04-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17820 (tweaked): Andrej: Src/Modules/tcp.h: unconfirmed but
	apparently safe attempt to get recent Cygwin versions to include
	<netinet/in_systm.h> where available.

2003-04-25  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Haakon Riiser: 18473: Completion/X/Command/_acroread,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_pdf: new completion for Acrobat Reader 5.0.x

	* 18472:, Completion/Base/Core/_wanted,
	Completion/Linux/Command/_uml, Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_figlet, Completion/Unix/Command/_grep,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_larch, Completion/Unix/Command/_ls,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce, Completion/Unix/Command/_sccs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_texinfo, Completion/Unix/Type/_java_class,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zmv, Doc/zshtcpsys.yo, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_tcp.yo, Doc/Zsh/mod_zselect.yo, Doc/Zsh/tcpsys.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/zle.yo, Functions/Misc/relative, Functions/TCP/tcp_alias,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_close, Functions/TCP/tcp_read,
	Functions/Zle/forward-word-match, Functions/Zle/match-words-by-style,
	Functions/Zle/transpose-words-match, Src/zsh.h, Src/Modules/zselect.c,
	Test/B03print.ztst: spelling corrections

2003-04-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted, c.f. 2003-04-14: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: finish
	rewrite (from _description onwards).  Suspicious-looking
	_regex_arguments entry.

2003-04-24  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Type/_perl_basepods: use _message
	instead of echo for error message

	* 18468: Completion/Unix/Type/_perl_builtin_funcs: follow Bart's
	suggestion of using perldoc itself to retrieve the documentation

2003-04-23  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18467: Src/Zle/computil.c: null pointer dereferenced with
	_arguments '*-+bar'.

	* 18466: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h: Only the module's
	C source file should include the corresponding .mdh file.

	* IKEGAMI Tsutomu: SourceForge bug 722366: initialisation of pwd
	from PWD in environment didn't metafy.

2003-04-23  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18462: Completion/Unix/Command/_sh: complete files in addition
	to commands

	* 18461: Completion/Unix/Type/_perl_builtin_funcs: handle cases
	where the perlfunc man page is compressed

2003-04-22  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 18459: Completion/Unix/Command/_screen: fix up suggestions from

2003-04-22  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_imagemagick: correct return codes

	* 18458: Completion/Unix/Command/_renice: new completion for renice

	* 18458: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe: handle prefix-needed style

2003-04-19  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 18455: Completion/Unix/Command/_screen,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: Completion function for screen.

2003-04-18  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Zsh/Context/_tilde: fix bug where 0 was
	not returned when adding a named directory as a match

	* 18450: Functions/Misc/zcalc: use math context for completion

	* 18450: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: corrections and a couple of rewordings

	* 18449: Completion/Unix/Type/_dict_words,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_dict: complete dictionary databases and
	matching strategies and handle suffixes better

	* users/6013: GoTaR <>: Completion/Unix/Type/_ps,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_pdf, Completion/X/Command/_gqview:
	new gqview completion and complete .ps/.pdf files for more commands

2003-04-16  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18446: Completion/Linux/Command/_modutils: handle modinfo and
	improvements to option handling

2003-04-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18443: Completion/X/Command/_dcop: new completion for dcop

2003-04-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: large-scale but unfinished

2003-04-08  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 18440: Src/Zle/complete.mdd: Add the cygwin completion functions
	to the completion module.

2003-04-07  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 18439: Completion/Cygwin/.distfiles,
	Completion/Cygwin/Command/_cygstart, Completion/Cygwin/Command/_dumper,
	Completion/Cygwin/Command/_getclip, Completion/Cygwin/Command/_getfacl,
	Completion/Cygwin/Command/_mkshortcut, Completion/Cygwin/Command/_mkzsh,
	Completion/Cygwin/Command/_pscp, Completion/Cygwin/Command/_putclip:
	cygwin completion functions.

2003-04-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18435: Src/builtin.c, Src/params.c: spotted by Oliver: unsetting
	a readonly variable returned status 0.

	* 18434: Completion/Unix/Type/_signals: -a option was handled the
	wrong way round so e.g. `kill -' completed pseudo-signals.

	* unposted: Config/ version 4.1.1-test-1.

	* unposted: corrections to 18433 from Oliver.

	* 18433: INSTALL, README, Etc/CONTRIBUTORS, Etc/NEWS: information
	for 4.1.1.

2003-04-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18432: Completion/Unix/Command/_mh,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo,
	Functions/TCP/tcp_spam, Functions/Zle/transpose-words-match:
	miscellany: use _path_files for more control in _mh; check
	arguments in tcp_spam; handle negative prefix arguments in
	transpose-words-match; a few comments elsewhere.

	* unposted: Functions/Zle/.distfiles, Functions/Zle/bash-*: remove
	bash-* word functions in favour of selectable ones (18394).

	* unposted (c.f. 18407): Zle/Function/select-word-style: fix short

	* c.f. 18431: acconfig.h, aczsh.m4,,
	Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Src/Builtins/rlimits.c:  Attempt
	to resolve the raging RLIIMT_* problems.  Use configure tests
	for all values which need testing.  Use RLIMIT_AS for
	`ulimit -v' if RLIMIT_VMEM is not present and make sure the value
	gets multiplied by 1024.

2003-04-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18418: Test/A01grammar.ztst, Test/D04parameter.ztst:
	fix select test from 18389 and add tests for $MATCH and $match
	and related parameters.

2003-03-31  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* unposted: Functions/TCP/.distfiles: Removed zgprintf, file was
	  removed in posting 18278.

2003-03-28  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 18402: Src/builtin.c: Prevent "print -m" from crashing (it now
	complains about a missing pattern).

2003-03-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18394: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Functions/Zle/forward-word-match, Functions/Zle/kill-word-match,
	Functions/Zle/up-case-word-match: Replacement widgets for
	word movement and editing, controlled by style and by
	select-word-style widget/function.

2003-03-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18392: Src/builtin.c: read with -p and -t options crashed
	if no coprocess owing to bad file descriptor.

2003-03-26  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18391: Test/.distfiles, Test/B03print.ztst, Test/B04read.ztst,
	Test/C01arith.ztst, Test/D02glob.ztst: add tests for read builtin
	a few glob qualifiers, 17678 and 18015

	* 18390: Completion/Unix/Command/_prcs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_xmlsoft: tidy up _prcs and update
	_xmlsoft for latest version of xsltproc

2003-03-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18389: Test/A01grammar.ztst: `select' test, test for
	multi-parameter `for' syntax.

2003-03-25  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 18383: Src/utils.c: Fixed zjoin() when it returns an empty
	string that should be allocated.

2003-03-25  Clint Adams  <>

	* users/5986, 18380: Src/Modules/terminfo.c,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_terminfo.yo: arg support for echoti builtin.

2003-03-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18378: Src/Zle/params.c: memory management for $killring
	was pathetic; setting $killring was in completely the wrong
	order; getting $killring when empty didn't return the
	default length.

	* 18376:, Src/system.h, Src/utils.c: use of
	wide characters needs some more header munging; also silence
	a couple of related gcc warnings.

2003-03-20  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18369: Completion/Unix/Command/_tidy: update HTML Tidy completion
	for the Tidy Classic -> TidyLib codebase transition

2003-03-18  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18359: Src/utils.c: fix bug from 18343 where not enough memory
	was allocated if MB_LEN_MAX < 6

2003-03-18  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_xmlsoft: remove unnecessary
	declaration of local parameters

2003-03-15  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 17659, 17661: insert config.modules processing
	into config.status, so that a full configure is not necessary
	when changing the module configuration.

2003-03-15  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/X/Command/_xrdb: remove _xrdb as superior
	completion for xrdb is provided by _x_utils

2003-03-14  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18343, 18348:, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Src/utils.c:
	handle \u and \U escapes for specifying unicode characters

2003-03-14  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18351: Completion/Unix/Command/_antiword: new completion for

2003-03-13  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18347: Completion/Base/Utility/_alternative: fix problems
	with having more than one ((val\:desc ...)) style action

2003-03-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18346: Completion/Unix/Command/_cdcd, Completion/Unix/Type/_users,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_iconv, Completion/Unix/Command/_java,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_sccs, Completion/Unix/Type/_locales:
	update completions of java encodings for 1.4, GNU iconv to 2.2.5;
	fix completions of locales on Linux, complete for more commands using
	existing completions and more improvements to sccs completion

2003-03-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18344: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: tag-order is now
	useful after 18299.

2003-03-12  Doug Kearns  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Debian/Command/_debfoster,
	Completion/Linux/Command/_valgrind, Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_global: remove initial capitalisation from

2003-03-11  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18338: Completion/Base/Widget/_next_tags: list a single
	unambiguous match instead of inserting it

	* 18337: Src/params.c: use C locale when converting floats to scalars
	to avoid problems in locales where `,' is the decimal separator

2003-03-10  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18330: Src/math.c: save output of setlocale as the pointer it
	returns gets clobbered

	* 18331: Completion/Unix/Command/_mh: use _call_program to avoid
	command not found errors, handle prefix-hidden style, make use of
	_email_addresses and complete for more mh commands

2003-03-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18327: Completion/compinstall: add handling for preserve-prefix.

	* 18325: Src/Modules/parameter.c: options on by default weren't
	handled correctly.

	* 18319: Philippe Troin: Src/exec.c, Src/init.c, Src/jobs.c:
	Fix various process group problems associated with certain
	versions of `su'.  In particular, this improves `suspend'

2003-03-06  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18314: Completion/Unix/Command/_ruby: allow -I, -r, -e and script
	arguments to be given multiple times; complete -T with the legal taint
	levels; complete with *.rb instead of all files

2003-03-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18318: Src/Zle/zle_params.c: memory leak in PREDISPLAY and
	POSTDISPLAY when setting zero length values.

2003-02-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18313: Src/Zle/zle_misc.c: After a single yank (hence
	no kill ring), yank-pop	did unpleasant things with a NULL pointer.

2003-02-27  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_tar: correct my typo

2003-02-27  Doug Kearns  <>

	* 18305: Completion/Unix/Command/_python: new completion for

2003-02-27  Geoff Wing  <>

	* 18306: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: fix redisplay of rprompt when line

2003-02-26  Clint Adams  <>

	* 18303: fix some always-true test evaluations.

2003-02-26  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18299: Completion/Base/Core/_main_complete,
	Completion/Base/Core/_all_labels, Completion/Base/Core/_next_label,
	Completion/Base/Widget/_next_tags: allow _next_tags to work with
	nested tag loops

	* 18300: Completion/Unix/Command/_tar,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_tar_archive: handle tar's -C option better

2003-02-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: whoops, left some debugging code in 18230.

2003-02-25  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18296: Completion/Base/Widget/_next_tags: fake _all_labels and
	_next_label functions were out of sync with changes to the real ones

	* unposted: Completion/Zsh/Context/_value, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	fix out of date documentation and move description of special
	contexts from _complete's to #compdef's description

2003-02-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18230: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: If globbing failed
	to match a path entry, test to see if [[ -e <file> ]] worked
	anyway.  This supports smart filing systems (cygdrive, ClearCase
	dynamic views) and may work for automounted directories (so
	commented out the other hack to see).

2003-02-23  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18278: Functions/TCP/tcp_output, Functions/TCP/tcp_spam,
	Functions/TCP/zgprintf, Doc/Zsh/tcpsys.yo: zgprintf is already
	implemented as zformat in the zsh/zutil module, so is unnecessary.

	* unposted, see 18276: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce:
	fix labels and clients after `@'; rationalise function and tag
	names; add date completion; add service=p4-<subcommand> support;
	note bug with tags looping.

2003-02-21  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18264: Src/jobs.c: free unused bits of job table properly
	when we enter a subshell.

2003-02-21  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18269: Completion/Unix/Command/_sccs: improve file completion
	to handle both direct and indirect references to s. files

2003-02-20  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18263: Src/glob.c: fix saving of glob state so that globs can
	be used from the (e) glob qualifier

2003-02-19  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18262: Completion/Base/Utility/_multi_parts: fix bug where only
	the first match was added with expand style set to suffix

2003-02-18  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18257: Completion/Unix/Command/_xmlsoft,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_xmllint, Completion/Unix/Command/_xsltproc:
	merge _xmllint and _xsltproc into _xmlsoft

	* Doug Kearns: 18259: Completion/Unix/Command/_webbrowser,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_urls: added more browsers and correct
	'urls' description to 'url'

	* 18257: Completion/Unix/Command/_xmllint: make use of _webbrowser

	* Doug Kearns: 18254: Completion/Unix/Command/_xmllint: new
	completion for xmllint (from's libxml2 library)

2003-02-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18252: Src/input.c, Src/loop.c, Src/zsh.h, Src/Zle/zle_main.c:
	pass ignoreeof settings as flag to zle_main.c, only use option
	in input.c.

	* 18251: Src/parse.c, Src/loop.c: 15030 broke `select' a year
	and a half ago and no-one noticed till now; also make `select'
	return on an EOF without complaining.

2003-02-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18249: Completion/Linux/Command/_uml: new completion function
	for User Mode Linux

	* Doug Kearns: 18246: Completion/Unix/Command/_elinks,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ant, Completion/Unix/Command/_java:
	minor update to _elinks and a couple of trivial fixes for java/ant

	* 18242: Src/builtin.c, Completion/Zsh/Command/_read,
	Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: add -d option to read for specifying
	delimiter to terminate input instead of newline

2003-02-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18243: Src/Zle/zle_main.c: On Solaris, poll the tty for
	typeahead before selecting.

	* modified from 18236:, Etc/MACHINES: Attempt to fix
	HP-UX problem with curses, which apparently failed; however, it is
	documented in MACHINES.

2003-02-13  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18238: Config/, Src/Zle/complete.mdd:
	bashcompinit was not being installed with --enable-function-subdirs

	* users/5915: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: two levels of quoting
	are needed for remote files referenced with scp

	* 18237: Completion/Zsh/Command/_read: complete -t option

	* 18223: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: satisfy POSIX
	requirement for a -v flag to unset

2003-02-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_perforce: same again,
	but do it properly.  Fix _perforce_revisions with named file.

2003-02-11  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_p4: Oliver thinks _perforce
	is a better name than _p4.

2003-02-08  Clint Adams  <>

	* 18207: Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: add maxfilelocks to ulimit output.

2003-02-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18204: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Src/builtin.c: KSH_ARRAYS gives
	ksh behaviour with set -A <optargs> <args>.

2003-02-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18202: Functions/TCP/*, Doc/, Doc/zsh.yo,
	Doc/zshtcpsys.yo, Doc/Zsh/manual.yo, Doc/Zsh/modules.yo,
	Doc/zsh/tcpsys.yo, Doc/Zsh/zftpsys.yo, Src/Modules/tcp.c,
	Src/Modules/tcp.mdd:  New set of TCP functions tcp_* which
	run on top of ztcp, documented in zshtcpsys manual.  Also
	sneaked in more informative error message in zsh/net/tcp
	for failure to bind to a port.

	* Greg Klanderman <>: 18191:
	Src/Zle/compresult.c: `compctl -y' didn't obey the listpacked
	and listrowsfirst options.

2003-02-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18195: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo Src/builtin.c Src/utils.c
	Src/Modules/zpty.c: Timeouts with `read' via optional numeric
	argument to -t option.

2003-02-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: 4.1.0-dev-7.

	* 18188: Src/text.c: make output case statements use balanced

2003-02-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18175: Completion/Unix/Command/_p4: Completion for Perforce.

	* 18174: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Zle/read-from-minibuffer,
	Functions/Zle/replace-string:  New widgets for reading values
	during editing and for performing string and pattern replacements.

2003-01-30  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: config.guess, config.sub: update to 2003-01-10 and
	2003-01-03 versions, respectively.

	* 18131: find pcre on RedHat.

2003-01-30  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Doug Kearns: 18159: Completion/Unix/Command/_tidy:
	completion function for HTML Tidy

2003-01-29  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18156: Completion/Unix/Type/_email_addresses, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	use more conventional reply array for plugins, document new styles
	used in _email_addresses and document bashcompinit

	* 18149, 18153: Completion/bashcompinit: new function for
	emulating bash's programmable completion system

2003-01-27  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 18144: Src/init.c: no SIGHUP handler if parent was ignoring
	(originally posted in 17989).

	* 18144: Src/prompt.c: allow %{ %} to put bounds around a prompt
	truncation in the intuitive way (originally discussed in 17755).

	* 18144: fix inconsequential typos.

	* 18143: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Functions/Zle/copy-earlier-word, Functions/Zle/predict-on,
	Functions/Zle/smart-insert-last-word: improve cooperation
	between copy-earlier-word and smart-insert-last-word; fix
	some problems with "toggle" style for predict-on; fix doc
	typo in compsys example.

2003-01-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18139: Doc/Zsh/zle.yo, Src/Zle/zle.h, Src/Zle/zle_main.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_misc.c, Src/Zle/zle_params.c, Src/Zle/zle_utils.c:
	Improve $killring interface; can now change length.  Empty
	strings in $killring are ignored when yank-popping.  Yank-popping
	is more consistent about looping and using the original cutbuffer.

2003-01-27  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Doug Kearns: 18141: Completion/Unix/Command/_elinks:
	new completion for elinks web browser

2003-01-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* zsh-users/5780: Doc/Zsh/mod_complist.yo: viinsert widget
	is really vi-insert.

2003-01-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18121: Completion/Unix/Type/_email_addresses,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_bts, Completion/Unix/Command/_elm,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mail, Completion/Unix/Command/_mutt,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_pine, Completion/X/Command/_mozilla,
	Completion/X/Command/_netscape,	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle:
	add new function for completing e-mail addresses

2003-01-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18086: Src/utils.c: from Peter Wemm <peter@FreeBSD.ORG> via
	Jos Backus: prototype _mktemp since casting the stable door after
	the horse has bolted doesn't work if the stable door is 32 bits
	and the horse is 64 bits.

	* 18059: Src/Zle/compresult.c, Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo: allow compadd
	-r and -R to strip and automatically added space suffix.

2003-01-07  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 18060: Completion/Zsh/Command/_zmv, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/.distfiles: document zmv's -W option and
	add a completion for zmv

	* 18058: Completion/Unix/Command/_lsof, Completion/Unix/Command/_mt,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_xsltproc, Completion/Unix/Command/_rlogin,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh, Completion/Unix/Command/_ant,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new completions for lsof, mt and
	xsltproc, complete remote files for rcp, allow multiple port
	redirections with ssh and a typo correction in _ant

2002-12-18  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 18015: Src/math.c: empty math parse e.g. $(( )) acts like a zero.

	* 18013: Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c: let and (( ... )) should
	return zero status on floating point only if the value compares
	equal to 0 as a floating point number.

2002-12-11  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17996: Src/builtin.c: Improve formatting with `print -C' by
	ignoring the length of the final column when calculating the

2002-12-10  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17994: Src/pattern.c: A set of globbing flags with no effect
	could hang the shell as the pattern wasn't compiled consistently.

2002-12-06  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 17983: Src/Zle/zle_hist.c, Src/Zle/zle_params.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo:
	Added zle LASTSEARCH parameter, giving read access to last incremental

2002-12-06  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 17985: Test/B02typeset.ztst: adjust hiding/tagging test so it no
	longer fails (cf. 17967 below).

2002-12-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17979: Doc/Zsh/options.yo, Src/exec.c, Src/options.c, Src/zsh.h:
	Add ERR_RETURN option, similar to ERR_EXIT option.

2002-11-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17967: Test/B02typeset.ztst: globbable arguments to
	typeset-style commands should be quoted.  N.B.: test currently
	still fails.

2002-11-25  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17961: Armin Wolfermann: Completion/Unix/Command/_sysctl:
	add OpenBSD support in _sysctl

2002-11-22  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17958: Completion/Zsh/Command/_print, Completion/Zsh/Command/_read,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_ulimit: change _print to reflect changes in
	17940, add missing options in _ulimit and minor update to _read

2002-11-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17940: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtin.yo: print -C <cols> prints
	given number of columns, -a with -c or -C prints arguments across
	before down.

2002-11-13  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17935: Src/text.c: beautify bin_whence indentation of ()
	and {} contents.

2002-11-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17931: Philippe Troin <>: Src/init.c: restore
	ignoring of SIGTERM in interactive shells.

2002-11-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Zvi Har'El: Completion/Unix/Command/_rcs: complete also for rcsdiff

	* 17928: Zvi Har'El <>:
	Functions/Zle/edit-command-line: don't interpret escapes when
	setting the command buffer

	* Thierry Vignaud <>:
	Completion/Unix/Command/_links, Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi:
	add option descriptions and missing options

2002-11-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17861: Philippe Troin <>: Src/init.c: Improve
	initialisation of signals.  Allow shell to get SIGTERM; remove
	duplicate attachtty() code; initialise signal mask consistently
	in interactive shells, resetting ignored signals, too.

2002-11-06  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17910: Bart (17906): de-quote prefix when calling compfiles to
	remove non-exact matches

2002-11-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17859: Philippe Troin <>: Src/init.c: Better
	handling of becoming process group leader in an interactive
	process.  We could end up with two shells reading from the
	terminal at once.

2002-10-31  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 17881: Src/builtin.c, Src/params.c: made the elapsed time in the
	integer version of $SECONDS slightly more accurate and made the
	calling of a function with a local $SECONDS value restore the parent
	value without any accumulated error.

2002-10-30  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: Src/math.c: Got rid of a gcc-3.2 compiler warning.

2002-10-29  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17873: Src/params.c: When restoring SECONDS after a function,
	take account of time spent in the function.

	* 17872: Src/builtin.c: Make sure `typeset SECONDS' uses a
	suitable type when creating a new local parameter.

	* 17868: Src/builtin.c, Src/params.c, Doc/Zsh/params.yo:
	Can `typeset -F SECONDS' to get better accuracy.  Try to
	catch all cases when converting or creating local copy
	(but I missed at least one --- next patch).

2002-10-18  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt: add showsrc part missing
	from 16463.

2002-10-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17832: Completion/X/Command/_xloadimage: add default list of
	filename extensions as a fallback

2002-10-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17810 (Martin Waitz): Src/utils.c: bung up memory leak with
	POSIX.1e capabilities.

2002-10-10  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17794: Src/builtin.c, Src/params.c: fix bugs with tied parameters
	(prevent tying array elements and find correct parameter under
	alternate name for unsetting)

2002-10-09  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 17793: Completion/Base/Utility/_store_cache: Allow / in cache

2002-10-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17482 (Karl Tomlinson): Src/Modules/termcap.c,
	Src/Modules/terminfo.c: resolve confusion over use of get/set
	functions for special parameters.  Copied from 4.0.

2002-10-06  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 17760: Src/lex.c Src/parse.c: Fix case-pattern parsing bug in sh

	* 17714: Src/ Fix to 17357, add module dependencies
	even if not adding module autoloads.

2002-10-05  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17765: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt: add some missing apt-get

2002-09-26  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_bzip2: recognise also .tbz
	and .tbz2 files

	* Akinori Musha: 17719: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg: add
	support for the	pkg_create command

2002-09-19  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 17692: Src/builtin.c: Prevent typeset of a positional parameter
	before it can do damage, and improve the error message about it.

2002-09-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17673: Src/exec.c, Test/A01grammar.ztst:
	  for X in Y; true || B; done && X
	executed X on every iteration.  Same bug with true -> false,
	|| -> &&, && -> ||.

2002-09-16  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17678: Src/builtin.c: ignore initial `--' argument to printf
	to satisfy POSIX.

	* 17682: Completion/Zsh/Command/_typeset, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo:
	add support for -H and -p options to completion

	* 17542 (Thomas Stromberg <>):
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: most systems don't have /etc/mtab

2002-09-06  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17632: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: add descriptions for keyword

2002-09-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17629: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: patch from Juergen Erhard
	to handle ssh-keygen -f -p, &c.

2002-09-04  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17620: Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx: add new/missing
	lynx options.

2002-09-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17608: Src/builtins.c: comment on use and abuse of

2002-09-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_links: minor bug fix (missing -g)

	* Thomas Köhler: 17610: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: also pass
	through -F option

	* 17607: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: pass through options such as
	the port number to ssh when getting remote files for scp

	* 17591: Completion/Linux/Command/_losetup,
	Completion/Linux/Command/_valgrind: new completion for losetup
	and move a couple of functions to the Linux directory 

2002-09-03  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17602, 17603: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Src/builtin.c, Src/zsh.h:
	Rationalise option handling further, make cd, pushd, popd options
	behave as documented and more like other builtins.

2002-09-02  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* unposted (based on users/5283): Functions/Misc/zargs: Implement
	xargs-like segmenting of argument list, with a command called on
	each segment.

2002-08-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17590: Doc/Zsh/mod_socket.yo: missing enditem().

2002-08-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/ Update version to 4.1.0-dev-6.
	* 17582: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Src/builtin.c, Src/hashtable.c,
	Src/hashtable.h, Src/init.c, Src/jobs.c, Src/mem.c, Src/module.c,
	Src/options.c, Src/parse.c, Src/watch.c, Src/zsh.h,
	Src/Builtins/rlimits.c, Src/Builtins/sched.c, Src/Modules/cap.c,
	Src/Modules/clone.c, Src/Modules/datetime.c,
	Src/Modules/example.c, Src/Modules/files.c, Src/Modules/pcre.c,
	Src/Modules/socket.c, Src/Modules/stat.c, Src/Modules/tcp.c,
	Src/Modules/termcap.c, Src/Modules/terminfo.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c,
	Src/Modules/zprof.c, Src/Modules/zpty.c, Src/Modules/zselect.c,
	Src/Modules/zutil.c, Src/Zle/compctl.c, Src/Zle/complete.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c, Src/Zle/zle_keymap.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c: Improve handling of arguments to options
	of builtins by replacing character array with `struct options'.

2002-08-24  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17577: Completion/Unix/Command/_ant, Completion/Unix/Command/_zip,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_java, Completion/Unix/Type/_java_class:
	pass classpath as an option to _java_class

2002-08-23  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17573: Completion/Zsh/Command/_read: complete -s option to
	read added in 17544

2002-08-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17544: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: add `read -s' which
	suppresses terminal echoing.  Doesn't work with -q, no effect if
	not a tty.

	* 17570: Src/Modules/socket.c, Doc/Zsh/,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_socket.yo:  Don't use predefined name `sun'; set
	length parameter for accept(); fix inclusion of socket module
	in documentation.

2002-08-20  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17569: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: fix typo in comment

	* 17567: Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: fix default completion module loading,
	use compctl if it hasn't been loaded already and no completion
	widgets have been defined

2002-08-19  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* users/5260 (Bill Burton), users/5266: Completion/Unix/Command/_ant:
	with the call-command style parse ant -projecthelp to get targets

	* unposted: Completion/X/Command/_nedit, Completion/Unix/Command/_mail,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_killall, Completion/Unix/Type/_net_interfaces:
	nedit 5.3 adds a -version option and complete for nail,
	killall5, ifup and ifdown using existing functions

2002-08-18  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 17562: Completion/Unix/Command/_valgrind: Function for
	Julian Seward's memory checking tool, version 1.0.0.

2002-08-18  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17558: Src/Modules/.distfiles, Src/Modules/socket.c,
	Src/Modules/socket.mdd, Doc/Zsh/.distfiles, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_socket.yo: zsh/net/socket module, including zsocket

2002-08-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_clint_setup: correct %v typo.

2002-08-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17535: Completion/Unix/Command/_make, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	use-perl style avoids awk frustration.

2002-08-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17206 (Bruno Bonfils), 17207 (Oliver):
	Completion/Debian/Command/_auto-apt: completion for auto-apt, with a
	couple of _values tweaks.

2002-08-09  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17522: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt-show-versions,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_cdcd, Completion/Unix/Command/_texinfo,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_wget, Completion/Unix/Type/_urls:
	a few function cleanups and handle tkinfo

	* 17521: Completion/Unix/Command/_ant,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new completion for ant

2002-08-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17518: Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: mention (from Bruno
	Bonfils in users/5210).

	* 17517: Src/jobs.c: Another memory leak was showing up with the
	pwd field of the job structure, this attempts to rationalise it. 

	* 17516: Src/Modules/zutil.c: Memory leak with compiled patterns
	for zstyle shown up by Felix's valgrind test.

2002-08-07  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17509: Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx: complete .xhtml files as well
	as .html files.

2002-08-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17508: Completion/Unix/Type/_urls: complete local files after
	file://localhost/ .

	* 17507: Completion/Unix/Type/_urls: complete local files after
	file:/// .

2002-08-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17504: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: note that `getopts' doesn't
	recognise a single `-' as a valid option argument.  The
	behaviour is consistent with bash and Solaris sh.

2002-08-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17502 (with some additional comments): Test/B01cd.ztst,
	Test/C02cond.ztst, Test/E02xtrace.ztst, Test/README,
	Test/zstst.zsh: Test changes consequent on 17492; introduce
	code for text which should be printed in the event of an error
	and use it for the NFS `-N' problem.

2002-08-05  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17503: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Doc/Zsh/files.yo, Doc/Zsh/params.yo, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo:
	fix various typos, spelling mistakes and poor wordings in docs

	* 17503: Src/builtin.c, Src/compat.c, Src/exec.c, Src/glob.c,
	Src/hashtable.c, Src/init.c, Src/lex.c, Src/math.c, Src/mem.c,
	Src/module.c, Src/params.c, Src/parse.c, Src/pattern.c,
	Src/prompt.c, Src/utils.c, Src/zsh.h: fix various typos
	and spelling mistakes in source code comments

	* Akinori Musha: 17499: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg: BSD pkg_*
	tools now support bzip2'd packages

2002-08-02  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Unposted: fix typo in 17496.

2002-08-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17497: Src/builtin.c: getopts skipped over zero-length arguments.

	* Dan Nelson: 17492: Src/builtin.c, Src/cond.c, Src/exec.c:
	Quote output from xtrace.

2002-08-01  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17496: Completion/Unix/Type/_diff_options: update for new options
	in GNU diff 2.8.1

2002-07-30  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17489: Src/Zle/compresult.c: make sure invalidatelist() isn't
	called when we are inside menu selection and there's only one
	match left

2002-07-29  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17488: Src/builtin.c: TYPESET_SILENT part of 17334 used
	incorrect test.

2002-07-26  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17484: Completion/Unix/Command/_netcat,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_java_class: fix option check and add
	missing	#autoload tag

2002-07-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17481: Etc/MACHINES: from Karl Tomlinson
	<>: the SGI compiler needs to be told
	to turn off variable length arrays.

2002-07-24  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17479: Doc/Zsh/arith.yo: fix typo noticed by Martin Pool.

	* 17478: Completion/Debian/Command/_bts: new tags for sarge.

2002-07-22  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17476: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_global_tags: Matt Zimmerman's
	completion for GNU GLOBAL.

2002-07-16  Tanaka Akira  <>

	* 17459: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: exclude file which have
	RCS kflags for cvs add.

2002-07-08  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17439: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: remove qword, it isn't needed

	* 17438: Completion/Base/Widget/_complete_help: don't display
	_dispatch as one of the called functions

2002-07-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17432: Test/B02typeset.ztst:  change consequent on 17334
	spotted by Bart:  `typeset' outputs base for integer.	

	* 17414: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Zle/narrow-to-region:
	allow narrow-to-region to save and restore state, a bit
	like save-restriction in emacs only completely different.

2002-07-05  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17429: Src/Zle/complist.c: improve interactive mode when
	there are no matches left (allow going back with undo)

2002-07-04  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17417: Src/Modules/datetime.c: remove unused fluff.

2002-07-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17410: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Zle/narrow-to-region,
	Functions/Zle/narrow-to-region-invisible: use 17390/17405 to
	create narrow-to-region widget/function.

	* 17405: Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_params.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo:
	adapt 17390 so that PREDISPLAY and POSTDISPLAY are reset when zle
	is entered.

2002-07-04  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17403: Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/complete.c,
	Src/Zle/complist.c: in menu selection, use copies of
	comp{pre,suf}fix to make sure they exist; fix display problem
	with non-empty iprefix

2002-07-03  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17394: Src/Zle/complist.c: fix for interactive mode when menu
	selection is called via the menu-select widget

2002-07-02  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17393: Completion/Unix/Command/_chown,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: keep globbing quiet in
	_path_files; check if group/user exists in _chown

2002-07-01  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17391: Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg: complete files after
	dpkg -S.

2002-07-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17390: Src/Zle/zle_params.c, Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c,
	Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: $PREDISPLAY and $POSTDISPLAY are used to
	add text before and after the editable chunk of the zle buffer.

	* 17384: Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/iwidgets.list,
	Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: new `recursive-edit' widget allows a user-defined
	widget to pass control back to zle as a subcommand.

2002-07-01  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17387: Completion/Zsh/Context/.distfiles,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_assign, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo, Src/zsh.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: add new special context
	-assign-parameter- for completing the parameter in an

2002-06-26  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 17357: Src/ predefine autoloads for zsh emulation
	mode only, not sh/ksh/etc. modes.

2002-06-26  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17366: Completion/Base/Core/_main_complete,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_complist.yo, Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/complist.c,
	Src/Zle/compresult.c: two new modes for menu selection:
	incremental search and interactive

2002-06-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17361: Src/zle_hist.c: Be safer about NULL returns from
	quietgethist() in case the history has been changed under our feet.

	* 17360: Src/zle_hist.c: Allow accept-line-and-down-history to
	accept the line even if there is no more history.

	* 17350: Src/zle_params.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: Add $CUTBUFFER and
	$killring zle parameters.

2002-06-22  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* users/5073: Completion/compdump: use `typeset +f' instead of
	`whence -w' to get names of completion functions.

2002-06-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17334: Src/builtin.c, Src/options.c, Src/params.c, Src/zsh.h,
	Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/options.yo: add TYPESET_SILENT
	shell option and `typeset -p' option.

2002-06-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/, Completion/Unix/Command/.distfile,
	Doc/Zsh.distfiles, Functions/Zle/.distfiles: version 4.1.0-dev-5.

2002-06-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17318: Src/hist.c: ${(z)...} appended an extra space when the
	lexical analyser failed.

2002-06-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17304: Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: (suggested by Bart)
	tweak the tweaked tweak in 17301 so that zle -I returns status
	0 if zle display was successfully invalidated even if by a
	previous call to zle -I (user doesn't care). 

	* 17299: Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c, Src/init.c, Src/parse.c,
	Src/text.c, Src/zsh.h: Instead of freeing Eprogs in one go
	at the top level, use reference counts.

	* 17301 (doc slightly tweaked): Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c,
	Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: make `zle -I' only invalidate the display on the
	first call to prevent spurious extra command lines appearing.

2002-06-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17293: Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: support poll()
	as a (preferred) alternative to select() in zle.

2002-06-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17297: Src/Modules/zpty.c: 17265 continued.

2002-06-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17295: Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c: `zle -F' could fail because
	it examined non-existent arguments.

	* 17294: Src/Modules/tcp.c: remove session even if closing fd
	failed; remove builtin from hash table when unloading module.

2002-06-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17292: Src/builtin.c: shut up compiler if no OPEN_MEMSTREAM.

	* 17265: Src/exec.c, Src/jobs.c, Src/Modules/clone.c: Make the
	`jobs' command work in a subshell of a shell with job control by
	saving the valid bits of the job table.

	* 17285: David Wolfe <>:
	Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: finally fix 16145 to eliminate duplicate
	case statement also in ulimit.

2002-06-05  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17286: Src/Zle/complist.c: don't use optimised completion
	list display code after the list has been erased or we're not
	in menu selection anymore anyway

2002-06-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17283: Src/parse.c: `func() { ... } this bit was ignored'.

2002-06-02  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17273: Src/parse.c: `outer() { inner(); }' succeeded; when outer
	ran it created a bogus `inner' which crashed the shell.  Make
	original command issue error.

2002-05-31  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17266: Completion/Unix/Command/_man: check `manpath`
	even when $MANPATH is set.

2002-05-30  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17253: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Doc/Zsh/mod_tcp.c: ztcp -l provides
	parseable information on sessions.

2002-05-29  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17252: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: fix for use of (z)
	parameter modifier; the first word in the parameter is parsed
	like the first word on a command line, treating parens

2002-05-29  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17250: Src/signals.c: don't execsave()/execrestore() around
	traps which are executed synchronously, which caused unexpected
	return statuses from `trap "return ..." EXIT'.

	* 17249: Src/Modules/tcp.c: send output from `ztcp' or `ztcp -v'
	to stdout, not the zle file descriptor.

2002-05-28  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17245: Completion/Unix/Command/_texinfo: add handling for
	the other texinfo commands (besides info)

2002-05-28  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17244: Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg:
	don't complete udebs for --unpack or -i.

2002-05-27  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17237: Src/Zle/complist.c: follow-up to 17222, make the
	optimisation work for some more keys again

2002-05-26  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17235: Src/Modules/datetime.c, Src/Modules/datetime.mdd:
	strftime builtin.

	* 17234: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs:
	don't call _path_files with empty ().

2002-05-25  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17225: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs:

2002-05-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17222: Src/Zle/complist.c: we have to disable 17219 for some
	keys because their code doesn't set up the variables we need

2002-05-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17220: Src/Modules/tcp.c: bugs displaying host names and remote
	host address when using `ztcp' to list connections.

2002-05-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17219: Src/Zle/complist.c: make re-display in menu selection
	faster; redraw only the previously and newly selected matches

2002-05-23 Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Redhat/Command/_service: uncomment
	zstyle now that it works (c.f. 17148)

	* 17125, 17159 (Oliver): Completion/Unix/Command/_texinfo,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: completion for info.
	As suggested by Oliver put in _texinfo expecting more
	related stuff.

2002-05-23  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17196: Src/Zle/computil.c: report option arguments to
	_arguments in the original form

	* 17214: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments: for automatic long
	options completion, use the string after the equal signs (from
	the --help-text) as the description to shown when completing
	after the option

	* 17213: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: rename
	max-match-length style to max-matches-width

	* 17212: Src/Zle/computil.c: allow multiple lines in option
	completion lists to share the same description, for (hopefully)
	cleaner displays

2002-05-23  Clint Adams  <>

	* Matt Zimmerman: 17211: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs:
	respect $CVSIGNORE.

2002-05-21  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17201: Doc/Zsh/mod_tcp.yo: add example use of ztcp.

	* 17141 plus mods: Src/utils.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: `zle -F fd handler'
	installs shell function handler for when data becomes available
	on fd while zle is active.  Requires select().

2002-05-21  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17195: Src/Zle/comp.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/compctl.c,
	Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c: fix for
	file-type-tests in nested quotes and don't count space

	* 17194: Src/Zle/computil.c: improve calculation of used
	columns for match-max-length

	* 17193: Completion/Unix/Command/_init_d: let _init_d use a

	* 17192: Src/Zle/compcore.c: fix for completion in nested
	quotes where the sub-word ends in a backslash

	* 17191: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: fix removal of automatically
	added specs (from the -- option) for which a user-defined one
	is present

	* 17190: Src/Zle/computil.c: avoid printing in the last screen
	column when preparing a completion listing with compdescribe

	* 17189: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: better splitting of
	-g-strings; this failed when patterns contained spaces

2002-05-20  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 17021: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_valgrind: Function for Julian Seward's
	memory checking tool.

2002-05-20  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 16836: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_larch: Function for Tom Lord's arch
	SCM tool.  This function was mentioned in the specified post.  
	It still has many problems, but seems to be the fullest larch
	completion function so far.  Added at Adam's request.

2002-05-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17175: Src/math.c: didn't handle parameters before a ternary
	expression properly.

2002-05-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17171: Src/Modules/tcp.c: ztcp didn't return status 1 when a
	connect() failed.

2002-05-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17166: Src/Modules/zftp.c: must check fileno of zftp control
	connection before it's closed.

2002-05-15  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17163: Src/Zle/compcore.c: follow-up to 17135,
	backslash-quoted backslashes in double quotes weren't right,

2002-05-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17162: Src/Modules/tcp.c: prevent warning on gethostbyaddr()

	* 17161: Src/Modules/tcp.c: length parameter to accept() wasn't
	initialised, causing random failures.

2002-05-14  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17148: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_services: fix for _arguments: don't use
	argument-tag when completing options; fix for _services: leave
	loop when matches were produced

	* 17147: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: allow users to give the maximum number of
	display-columns the matches should take up via the style
	currently named max-match-length

	* 17146: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: fix doc for _describe, mention -t

2002-05-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17120, 17121: Src/init.c: work around problem that NIS ties up a
	file descriptor by forcing it to be at least 10 so it's not in the
	range a user can open.

2002-05-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17135: Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: fix for
	unquoting with `compset -q' with singly and doubly quoted

2002-05-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* c.f. 17128: Doc/ back out changes accidentally
	committed along with 17081.

2002-05-12  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Redhat/Command/_service: fix context
	name for tag-order style. For now comment it out because it
	does not work

2002-05-10  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* users/4951: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: make it clearer that ulimit
	defaults to soft limits.

2002-05-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17102: Src/Modules/tcp.c: looking up TCP sessions by fd returned
	the wrong pointer.

	* 17097: Src/Modules/tcp.c: closing all TCP sessions referenced
	freed memory.

	* Unposted: Src/Modules/zselect.c: remove an unused counter.

	* 17095: Src/Modules/zselect.c: wrong index when appending to a
	value with zselect -A assoc.

	* 17081: Src/Modules/zselect.c, Src/Modules/zselect.mdd,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_zselect.yo:  zsh/zselect module provides zselect
	builtin as front-end to select system call.

2002-05-08  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 17080: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: clarify tag-order style usage

	* 17076: Completion/Redhat/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Redhat/Command/_service, Completion/Unix/Command/_chkconfig,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_init_d, Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_services: use new helper _services to complete
	init/xinetd services; make chkconfig use it; completion of
	service command

	* 17075: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: _urpmi
	completion update

	* 17074: Completion/Linux/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Linux/Command/_mondo, Src/Zle/complete.mdd:
	mondoarchive completion (with typo correction from Bart)

	* unposted: .cvsignore: add autom4te.cache. Looks like
	autoconf-2.53 generates it for whatever reason

2002-05-06  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17078: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe: fix _arguments' -s

2002-05-04  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16613 (modified): acconfig.h,, Src/init.c: detect
	variant tgetent() return value and test for it correctly.

	* unposted; based on 16032: Src/exec.c, Src/glob.c, Src/subst.c:
	split tokenize() into a second function shtokenize() and a static
	function zshtokenize() which implements both of them; tokenize()
	ignores SH_GLOB, shtokenize() respects it.
	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/options.yo: explain the effect of unreadable
	directories in PATH, etc., on the CORRECT option.

2002-05-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 17072; based on 17066 (Danek Duvall):
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: correct handling of pushdminus
	in completion after directory stack references

2002-04-30  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17057: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_debfoster: completion for debfoster.

2002-04-29  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17055: shared object linkage on the Hurd.

2002-04-28  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_spamassassin:
	add missing bracket.

2002-04-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17046: Src/math.c: OCTAL_ZEROES with a `0' on its own was
	swallowing up too many characters.

2002-04-25  Clint Adams  <>

	* 17044: Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m: complete all files, not
	just *.html.

2002-04-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* users/4865: Completion/compinit: need to add NO_octalzeroes to

	* 17041: Src/Modules/zftp.c: Minor but fatal typos creating a data
	connection for zftp using IPv6.

	* 17040: Src/Modules/tcp.c: AF_INET6 wasn't copied into the
	socket structure for IPv6.

2002-04-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17035: Src/Modules/zutil.c: remove one half of 17029; the
	part for zstyle wasn't right

2002-04-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 17029: Src/Modules/zutil.c, Src/Zle/complete.c: fix two
	memory leaks (found by Felix): pre-compiled patterns when
	re-defining styles and compredirs-copies in comp_wrapper()

2002-04-23  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* users/4851: Functions/Misc/relative: new function inspired by
	discussion with Vin Shelton which converts a full file path into
	its location relative to another path (default $PWD).

2002-04-18  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 17011: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c: restore
	freehostent() incorrectly removed in 16172.

2002-04-17  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Alexandre Duret-Lutz: 16930: Src/cond.c, Test/C02cond.ztst:
	Careful with long filenames in internal condition test; fix block
	file test for `-f'.

2002-04-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16998: Src/Zle/computil.c: make compvalues unquote the string
	from the line like comparguments does

2002-04-16  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 16956: Completion/Unix/Command/_java: Changed to use
	new _java_class function.

2002-04-16  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* users/4836: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: make
	_path_files use match specs from the matcher style when calling

	* 16991: Completion/Base/Utility/_values: make _values not use

	* 16990: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: treat backslashed bangs in
	double quotes specially in get_comp_string(), they are more
	like $s there

	* 16988: Completion/Base/Utility/_store_cache,
	Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm, Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_gs, Completion/Unix/Command/_java,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_nslookup, Completion/Unix/Command/_pbm,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_perl, Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_samba, Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_tiff, Completion/Unix/Command/_whois,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_yp, Completion/Unix/Type/_perl_modules,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_urls, Completion/X/Command/_x_utils,
	Completion/X/Command/_xauth, Completion/X/Command/_xmodmap,
	Completion/X/Command/_xwit, Completion/X/Type/_x_borderwidth,
	Completion/X/Type/_x_geometry, Completion/X/Type/_x_locale,
	Completion/X/Type/_x_name, Completion/X/Type/_x_resource,
	Completion/X/Type/_x_title, Completion/X/Type/_xt_session_id,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_compdef, Completion/Zsh/Command/_limit,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_sched, Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript: make more calls to _message
	use the -e option

2002-04-12  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16973: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt: complete package name
	argument to apt-cache policy.

	* 16972: Completion/Unix/Type/_hosts: complete for aaaa, zone, mx,
	soa, txt.

2002-04-09  Felix Rosencrantz <>

	* 16955: Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_java_class: new function to handle
	finding java classes.
2002-04-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16942: Src/glob.c: Allow zero-length matches in parameter

2002-04-04  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16935: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: update list of options
	completed and add sftp completion

2002-04-04  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16934: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: complete -1 as well as -2.

2002-04-04  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16911: Completion/Base/Completer/_match: add original string as
	match with original style like in _approximate

	* 16933; based on 16011 (Martin Ebourne) and 16906 (Bart):
	more sophisticated versions of these functions

	* 16923: Completion/Base/Completer/_all_matches, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	add insert style to insert all matches instead of adding as a match

2002-03-30  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16927: zsh/Functions/Misc/zmv: Added -W to auto-convert wildcards in
	both the find and replace strings.  Fixed the usage message to output
	the '$' args and '\' characters (they were getting eaten).

2002-03-27  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16895: Doc/Zsh/redirect.yo: cross-references to the `|&' and
	`>(...)' syntax.

2002-03-27  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16913: Completion/Zsh/Command/_compdef, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	fix completion after compdef -a and correct typos

	* John Beppu: 16866 (tweaked): Completion/Unix/Command/_figlet:
	new completion for figlet

	* 16908: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: alter _generic example to be more robust

2002-03-24  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16890: Src/hist.c, Src/params.c: Made SAVEHIST a special parameter,
	and used "savehistsiz" in place of getiparam("SAVEHIST").  This fixes
	an annoying history-truncation bug after getting a parser error!

	* unposted: Src/builtin.c: got rid of unused-variable compiler

2002-03-21  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16879: Functions/Zle/up-line-or-beginning-search,
	Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: originally by Bart --- widgets which
	combine up-line-or-search and history-beginning-search-backward

2002-03-19  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16864: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: fix remote file completion
	with relative paths

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_grep: argument to -C must
	be in the same word and correct mistake on file completion

	* 16862:, Src/builtin.c: allow print's -s and -z
	options to be used with -f

2002-03-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16850: Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: remote file completion via
	rsync and ssh, plus all options valid in rsync 2.5.2.

2002-03-17  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16849: Completion/Base/Core/_dispatch: shift off `-s' argument.

2002-03-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16847: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: complete multiple -j's after
	cvs update.

	* 16846: Completion/X/Command/_xdvi: complete .dvi.gz and .dvi.bz2

2002-03-16  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16820: Test/E01options.ztst: change tests to match 16759.

2002-03-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16842: Completion/Base/Utility/_pick_variant,
	Completion/Base/Utility/.distfiles, Completion/Unix/Command/_cpio,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_grep, Completion/Unix/Command/_iconv,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ls, Completion/Unix/Command/_make,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_netcat, Completion/Unix/Command/_zcat,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_diff_options, Completion/X/Command/_nedit,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	resolve name clash for nc between netcat and the nedit client
	and add utility function to handle the general case of this

	* 16838: Completion/Unix/Command/_grep: complete new options of
	grep 2.5 and value for GREP_OPTIONS parameter

2002-03-14  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16823: Completion/Unix/Command/_gzip,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_dir_list, Completion/Unix/Type/_directories:
	complete for values of GZIP and any *path or *PATH parameters

2002-03-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16821 (adapted, c.f. 16831): Completion/Unix/Command/_bzip2,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_gzip: add completions for the redirection
	code in 16819.

2002-03-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16819: Completion/compdump, Completion/compinit,
	Completion/Base/Core/_dispatch, Completion/Base/Core/_normal,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_gcc, Completion/Unix/Command/_make,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_su, Completion/Unix/Type/_files,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_locales, Completion/Unix/Type/_printers,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_terminals, Completion/Unix/Type/_time_zone,
	Completion/X/Type/_x_display, Completion/Zsh/Command/_compdef,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript, Completion/Zsh/Context/_value,
	Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo, Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: remove that -T option
	to compdef again and instead use comma-separated sub-contexts
	both for function and style lookup

2002-03-11  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16804: Completion/Unix/Command/_sccs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: completion for sccs

	* 16803: Completion/Debian/Command/_make-kpkg,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg: option descriptions

2002-03-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16789: Completion/Unix/Command/_netcat: completion for netcat,
	courtesy of Matt Zimmerman.

	* unposted: Etc/BUGS: mention that you can't time builtins.

2002-03-07  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16737 (tweaked): Src/parse.c: fix parsing of binary infix
	operators of builtin `test' when there are more than three

	* unposted: Etc/BUGS: stop mentioning a bug that's been fixed
	since 3.1.6.

2002-03-07  Adam Spiers  <>

	* 16779: Completion/Unix/Command/_mysqldiff,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new completion for
	my mysqldiff utility.

2002-03-07  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16778: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_irssi: completion by Istvan
	Sebestyen for irssi.

2002-03-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16776: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: don't try to build the
	redirection string for the loops (for, foreach, select)

	* 16774: Functions/Misc/zrecompile: make zrecompile show the
	error messages from zcompile unless the -q option is given

2002-03-06  Adam Spiers  <>

	* 16769: Completion/Unix/Command/_gcc: fix typo

2002-03-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/ version 4.1.0-dev-4.

	* unposted: Functions/Zle/.distfiles,
	Completion/Base/Core/.distfiles: usual fixups for distributed files.

	* 16767: Src/Zle/zle_hist.c, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Functions/Zle/copy-earlier-word:  Enhance insert-last-word to
	pick different lines from the history (including the current
	line) and different words from that line.  Add copy-earlier-word
	as suggested by Dominik Vogt to copy words from either the
	current line, or (following an insert-last-word) a previous
	history line.

2002-03-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16759: Src/builtin.c: from Eric Norum <>:
	cd prints output whenever the target directory is not obvious
	to the user.  This confuses scripts, so restrict it to
	interactive mode.

2002-03-04  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16755: Completion/compdump, Completion/compinit,
	Completion/Base/Core/_dispatch, Completion/Base/Core/_normal,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_gcc, Completion/Unix/Command/_su,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_files, Completion/Unix/Type/_printers,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_terminals, Completion/Unix/Type/_time_zone,
	Completion/X/Type/_x_display, Completion/Zsh/Command/_compdef,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript, Completion/Zsh/Context/_value,
	Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: allow different sets of completion
	definitions selected with option -T to compdef; use this for
	parameter values and redirections

2002-03-01  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16751: Src/Zle/comp.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/complete.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: add $redirections
	array to completion system parameters, containing information
	about all redirections on the line; make this and
	compstate[redirect] contain the file descriptor number

2002-02-28  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16748: Completion/Zsh/Command/_zle: fix infinite loop
	introduced by 16464.

2002-02-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16711: Src/loop.c: allow interruption of empty while-loops
	with ^C

	* 16710: Completion/Base/Core/_message, Test/Y03arguments.ztst:
	make _message inhibit insertion of matches unless there are
	faked ones

	* 16708: Completion/Base/Core/_message,
	Completion/Base/Utility/_guard, Completion/Unix/Command/_grep,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_pbm, Completion/Unix/Command/_pine,
	Completion/X/Command/_vnc, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/compcore.c: make _guard use `_message -e'; make
	`_message -e' use $curtag as a default; change uses of _guard

2002-02-22  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16703-A: Src/hist.c: In putoldhistentryontop(), ensure that we can't
	return with "next" set to the value we just put on top.

	* 16703-B: Src/builtin.c: Improved the output of the "history" command
	with a 1-line history buffer, and also improved the error handling of
	explicitly-specified first/last values.

2002-02-22  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16620, 16697: Src/subst.c, Src/glob.c, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo:
	add a and n parameter expansion flags for numeric sorting and
	reverse index ordering of arrays

2002-02-21  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16689: Etc/.distfiles, Etc/TODO: list some things to do.

	* 16688: Doc/Zsh/params.yo: clarify the pseudo-randomness of

2002-02-20  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_pine: Fix sed expression to
	correctly extract option names from ~/.pinerc file.

2002-02-20  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16678: Src/hist.c: Yet another fix for prepnexthistent().

2002-02-20  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16619, 16676: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_dirs, Completion/Unix/Type/_directories:
	add -c, -l and -p options to the dirs builtin for bash compatibility

2002-02-19  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16673:, Doc/Zsh/.distfiles, Doc/Zsh/mod_langinfo.yo,
	Src/Modules/.distfiles, Src/Modules/langinfo.c,
	Src/Modules/langinfo.mdd: add langinfo module as an interface
	to locale information.

2002-02-19  Geoff Wing  <>

	* 16635: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: make sure we display lists in
	singlelinezle mode

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: update distribution sites - remove one
	site (France), add one (Netherlands)

2002-02-18  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16672: Src/hist.c: Fixed a just-introduced bug in prepnexthistent()
	that made it work wrong when "curline" was in the history list.

2002-02-18  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16669: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo, Src/Zle/computil.c: allow an
	argument containing only a single colon as a separator between
	options to _arguments and specs

	* 16668: Src/Zle/compcore.c: fix group handling nothing should
	now possibly be added to the wrong group again

	* 16667: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments: fix test for

2002-02-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16662: Completion/Unix/Command/_cdcd: use parameter expansion
	instead of grep, sed, and seq.

2002-02-16  Wayne Davison  <>

	* users/4678: Src/hist.c: Fixed a hard-to-trigger bug in the
	history-rewriting code that could lose the history contents.

2002-02-16  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16625: Src/hist.c: Optimized putoldhistentryontop() for use by

2002-02-14  Clint Adams  <>

	* Gergely Nagy, 16644: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_cdcd: completion for cdcd.

2002-02-14  Geoff Wing  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: update distribution sites - remove four
	sites, add three, change one path

2002-02-13  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16618: Src/hist.c: Improved resizehistents() so that it honors

2002-02-12  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: Src/params.c: The minimum size of histsiz (aka HISTSIZE)
	should be 1, not 2.

	* unposted: Src/builtin.c: Silenced a compiler warning.

2002-02-12  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: special-dirs example derived from

2002-02-12  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16609: Completion/Base/Core/_all_labels,
	Completion/Base/Core/_description, Completion/Base/Core/_message,
	Completion/Base/Core/_requested, Completion/Base/Core/_wanted,
	Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: add -x option (to be passed on to compadd)
	to _description and friends; make _message respect any -[12VJ]
	options it gets, adding the message to that group

2002-02-09  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_clint_setup:
	improve APM and screen handling.

2002-02-08  Clint Adams  <>

	* Matt Zimmerman: 16590: Completion/Unix/Type/_dict_words:
	use a prefix match instead of a "fuzzy-exact" match.

2002-02-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16582: Src/Zle/computil.c: fix for displaying matches in
	groups via _describe; go back to displaying one match per line
	when lines get too long

2002-02-07  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/.distfiles,
	Functions/Prompts/prompt_walters_setup: Colin Walters's
	prompt, adapted for the theme system.

2002-02-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16577: Src/hist.c: don't return a single dot as the
	path head of a slash.

2002-02-05  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16568: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: get listing of
	entire directory for approximation and other purposes.

	* 16566: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: show ls -F
	classifiers as display strings.

2002-02-04  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16556: Src/builtin.c: Error messages added in 16503 should not
	change the behavior of >&- redirections.

2002-02-04  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16553, 16555: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: differentiate
	between files and directories during remote scp completion.

2002-02-03  Felix Rosencrantz  <>

	* 16546: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_perl: Fixed problem with cvs/arguments -A
	flag.  Fixed problem with "cvs log -R".  Also, _perl completes
	the arguments to a perl script with _normal.

2002-02-03  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16540: Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: include short options and
	local files.

2002-02-01  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* Akinori Musha: 16534: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg:
	a few bug fixes and some wording fixes

2002-01-31  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_oliver_setup: add example of

	* Derek Peschel: 16494: Src/prompt.c: extract outermost words with
	negative arguments to %_ prompt expansion and add %^ for a reverse
	ordered status list

	* Derek Peschel: 16493: Src/params.c: correct typos

	* Derek Peschel: 16492: Src/params.c, Src/input.c, Doc/Zsh/params.yo:
	add RPROMPT2 variable for right prompts in multi-line commands

2002-01-31  Andrew Main (Zefram)  <>

	* 16527: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: Don't lose the rprompt when
	clearing an otherwise-blank line.

2002-01-30  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16515: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd: fixlet to avoid an empty
	string in an array; cause completion after cd without any
	matches to not report that there were no matches

2002-01-29  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16514: Completion/Unix/Command/_init_d: do not attempt
	to read file if it doesn't exist, match pipe-separated lists
	and characters following the parenthesis, and don't wantonly
	remove hyphens from completions.

2002-01-28  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16507: Completion/Zsh/Type/_command_names: slight improvement
	for 16500 to allow completion after ./<TAB> in all cases

2002-01-27  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16503: Src/builtin.c: warn on fclose or fflush
	errors in bin_print.

	* 16500: Completion/Zsh/Type/_command_names:
	don't complete executable files in the current directory
	if "." is not in path.

2002-01-23  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16435: Src/builtin.c: Fix core dump in `hash'.

	* 16419: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: Document some _arguments options
	in the syntax summary line.

2002-01-23  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16489: Test/C01arith.ztst: default output for whole numbers
	as floats now has `.' at the end, c.f. 16423.

2002-01-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16487: Src/glob.c: bug in 16486 when a qualifier in a set
	consisted only of flags which were handled globally.

	* 16486: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Src/glob.c, Src/pattern.c:  support
	(#q...) EXTENDED_GLOB syntax for qualifiers.  May be chained,
	ignored by pattern matching code.

2002-01-22  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16483: Completion/Base/Completer/_complete,
	Completion/Base/Utility/_values, Completion/Unix/Command/_chown,
	Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo, Src/Zle/comp.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c,
	Src/Zle/compctl.c, Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c:
	add new generic fake style and changes to the C-code for that
	(different implementation of compadd -x)

2002-01-21  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16472: Completion/Base/Completer/_complete,
	Completion/Base/Core/_normal, Completion/Base/Utility/_contexts,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_su, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: allow
	arguments to be given to functions used by compdef (actually,
	the strings are eval'uated, so this should be powerful enough)

2002-01-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16464: Completion/Base/Widget/_complete_debug,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle: use pager style in _complete_debug
	in preference to $EDITOR

	* 16464: Completion/Unix/Command/_pine, Completion/Zsh/Command/_zle:
	fix substitutions used for exclusion lists and do cleanup of _zle

2002-01-16  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Src/.distfiles: remove ansi2knr.

	* Matt Zimmerman: 16463: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt:
	completion for apt-cache showsrc.

2002-01-16  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16461: Completion/AIX/Command/_lspv
	Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi, Completion/Unix/Command/_cpio,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_fsh, Completion/Unix/Command/_ifconfig,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_java, Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_modutils, Completion/Unix/Command/_mount,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh, Completion/Unix/Command/_telnet,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin, Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m,
	Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles, Completion/Unix/Type/_terminals,
	Completion/X/Command/_xfig, Completion/X/Command/_xloadimage,
	Completion/X/Command/_xterm, Completion/Zsh/Command/_alias,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_value: various minor completion changes

2002-01-14  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16449: Completion/Unix/Command/_chkconfig: new completion for
	both the IRIX and RedHat chkconfig commands

2002-01-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16448: Src/math.c: 15291, 15292 introduced bug that assignment
	could be made in math eval even if a parameter retrieval gave
	an error.

2002-01-14  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 16443: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: fix
	urpmi.addmedia --distrib. Set cache policy on just the first call.

2002-01-13  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 16437: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: adapt
	to new urpmi version in cooker

2002-01-10  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16426: Completion/Unix/Command/_man,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: allow
	manual pages to be shown separated by section with new
	separate-sections style

2002-01-10  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16423: Src/params.c: Don't let convfloat output a number
	looking like an integer; append a `.' if necessary.  Otherwise
	the wrong type of arithmetic will be used on numbers stored in

2002-01-09  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16422: Functions/Misc/zcalc: fix output in bases when
	base is specified for a single line.

2002-01-08  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16418: Src/lex.c, Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: fix completion after
	var+= to use value context

	* 16417: Src/Zle/computil.c: don't report _arguments-specs more
	than once (not even shared options with multiple sets)

2002-01-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16408: Src/Zle/compcore.c: make sure auto menu isn't started
	accidentally when bashautolist is set

	* 16407: Completion/X/Command/_netscape: fix nested _tags-loops
	by re-initialising the outer one when leaving the inner one

	* 16406: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_signals, Completion/X/Command/_netscape,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_kill, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: fixes for
	completion of signal names with SIG prefix and for completing
	command names instead of pids

2002-01-05  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16400, 16401: Src/subst.c: preserve empty words that result from
	brace expansion.
	* users/4483: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: with "cvs add" et al.,
	complete names of locally removed (but not committed) files.

	* 15746: Src/utils.c: remove (with #if) an incorrect optimization
	in the maildir version of mailstat().
2002-01-04  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16398: Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Completion/Base/Utility/_regex_arguments, Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_time_zone, Completion/Unix/Type/_directories,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_file_systems: updated zstyle completion and
	related cleanup

2002-01-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16397: Completion/Base/Widget/_complete_help: use nul as separator
	instead of colon to avoid problems with _value:<param> functions

	* 16396: Completion/Unix/Command/_chown: fix argument handling bugs

2002-01-03  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16393: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_apt-show-versions: completion for Christoph
	Martin's apt-show-versions script.

2002-01-02  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* users/4561: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip: fix bug with finding
	the zipfile's name in the current command-line.

	* 16384: Completion/X/Type/.distfiles, Completion/X/Type/_x_visual,
	Completion/X/Command/.distfiles, Completion/X/Command/_xloadimage,
	Completion/X/Command/_netscape, Completion/X/Command/_x_utils,
	Completion/X/Command/_xfig, Completion/X/Command/_xv:
	new completion for xli/xloadimage and factor out completion
	of X visuals

2001-12-26  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16375: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_fsh: command completion for fsh.

2001-12-21  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16372: Src/jobs.c, Completion/Unix/Type/_signals: allow signals
	to be specified with `SIG' prefix to kill builtin and fix bug with
	lack of argument to kill -n/-s.

2001-12-21  Geoff Wing  <>

	* 16332:, Config/, Src/,
	Src/, Src/ansi2knr.c: remove ansi2knr.c from our
	repository due to licence differences.  Adjust the build process
	accordingly.  configure will now abort if the user requests ansi2knr
	but no ansi2knr is available

2001-12-19  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16366: Completion/X/Command/_vnc, Completion/Unix/Command/_java,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_samba: add missing description
	argument in _values calls

	* 16366: Completion/Unix/Type/_net_interfaces,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ifconfig, Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new ifconfig completion

2001-12-18  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16364: Src/params.c: further to 16351, except specials
	from having their value set to null

	* unposted: Src/params.c: small fix to += code from 16353

2001-12-18  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16361:, Src/input.c:
	include <stdio.h> to avoid implicit declarations.

2001-12-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16352: Functions/Misc/zcalc: allow output formats to be
	specified in zcalc

	* 16353: Src/exec.c, Src/lex.c, Src/params.c, Src/parse.c,
	Src/text.c, Src/zsh.h, Doc/Zsh/params.yo, Test/.distfiles,
	Test/A06assign.ztst: add += parameter assignments

2001-12-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16357: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Src/subst.c:
	change (n) to (u) so (n) can be reserved.
	for numeric sorting.

2001-12-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16351: Src/params.c: fix bug in parameter unset code

2001-12-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16349: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_make-kpkg: completion for

	* 16347: Src/params.c, Src/subst.c:
	tweaks pointed out by Zefram.

2001-12-16  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16346: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: documentation for 16345.

	* 16345: Src/params.c, Src/subst.c:
	(n) flag to remove duplicate array values during

2001-12-15  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: get rid of evil -Wno-implicit

2001-12-14  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16336: Completion/Debian/Type/_deb_packages:
	use apt-cache --generate pkgnames instead of
	apt-cache dumpavail.

	* 16335: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt:
	add -g, --all-names, --recurse, pkgnames, dotty, policy
	completions for apt-cache.

2001-12-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16323, 16330: Completion/Unix/Command/_webbrowser,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_urls, Completion/X/Command/_netscape, 
	Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx, Completion/Unix/Command/_links,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m: allow tag-order to select order
	of files and urls instead being fixed to files first

2001-12-11  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16327: Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg:
	glob for udebs as well as debs.

	* 16326: Completion/Unix/Command/_webbrowser,
	Completion/X/Command/.distfiles, Completion/X/Command/_mozilla:
	completion for mozilla, some more web browsers in _webbrowser.

2001-12-11  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16325: Completion/Unix/Command/_wget: update for wget 1.8

	* 16322: Completion/Unix/Command/_mtools,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new mtools completion

	* 16320: Completion/Unix/Type/_file_systems,
	Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles, Completion/Unix/Command/_find,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: factor out file system completion 
	to simplify matters and complete file systems for find and umount

2001-12-09  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16315: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_spamassassin: completion for

2001-12-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16310: Functions/Misc/zcalc, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: separate zcalc
	history, handle errors in expression, document -#base option.

	* users/4503: Completion/Unix/Command/_gcc: don't complete source
	or header files after -o.

2001-12-06  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* users/4519: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip: complete files
	in all argument positions for zip (bug fix)

2001-11-29  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16293: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_arping: completion for arping.

	* 16292: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: completion for rsync.

2001-11-26  Clint Adams  <>

	* Gergely Nagy: 16291: Completion/Debian/Command/_dupload:
	check ~/.dupload.conf, tweak sed expression to handle hooks.

2001-11-21  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16269: Src/Zle/compctl.c: Use allocated strings when adding
	matches for hash table entries, as the pattern match code may
	attempt to modify them.  (Fixes crash reported in 16235.)

	* Sven: 16249: Src/parse.c: Clear pending here-documents upon a
	parse error.

2001-11-18  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16264: Completion/Debian/Command/_dput:
	Use parameter expansion instead of grep and sed.

2001-11-16  Chmouel Boudjnah  <>

	* 16258: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi:
	Fix typo in _urpmi for urpmi.addmedia.

2001-11-15  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_clint_setup:
	typo that I didn't notice for four months.

	* 16257: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Debian/Command/_dput: completion for
	dput as contributed by Tollef Fog Heen <>.

2001-11-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/, Etc/.distfiles, Util/.distfiles,
	Completion/Mandrake/Command/.distfiles: version 4.1.0-dev-3 plus
	associated tidying of distribution.

	* 16255: Function/Misc/zcalc: allow -#base or -## base to
	specify default output base.

	* 16254: Completion/Unix/Command/_yp: allow completion of map
	names after ypmatch.

2001-11-15  Chmouel Boudjnah  <>

	* 16253: Src/Zle/complete.mdd: Add Mandrake completion directory to

2001-11-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16241:, Src/Modules/mathfunc.c,
	Doc/Zsh/mod_mathfunc.yo: new rand48(param) math function calls
	erand48(3), storing seed as hex string in $param.

2001-11-14  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 16247: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: completion
	for Mandrake urpmi command suit.

2001-11-09  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16228: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: allow widths
	and precisions to work with printf's %b format specifier

2001-11-06  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Misc/mere: fix for IRIX

	* 16224: Src/jobs.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_signals, Completion/Zsh/Command/_kill,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_jobs_builtin: add -n option to kill
	builtin and use _arguments in _kill to complete options

2001-11-03  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16215: Src/subst.c: save and restore mult_isarr in singsub()
	in case of nested substitution via getoutput().

	* 16201: Src/params.c, Src/utils.c, Src/zsh.h: introduce the
	PM_NAMEDDIR flag to mark parameters for which a value change
	should be reflected in the named directory table.

	* 16158: Src/utils.c: interpret TAB as "yes" only in spckword(),
	not in getquery() which is also used by other callers.

	* 16094: Src/compat.c: zopenmax() shouldn't return the true limit
	on the number of descriptors, as that might be a very large number
	and we really only care about the highest-numbered descriptor that
	is already open.

2001-11-02  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_oliver_setup,
	Doc/Zsh/prompt.yo: documentation and example for 16198

	* 16198: Src/prompt.c: add %j prompt expansion and j test
	character for putting the number of jobs in the prompt

	* 16177: Completion/Unix/Type/_time_zone: also look in
	/usr/lib/locale/TZ for time zones

2001-11-01  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16197: Completion/Zsh/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_limit, Completion/Zsh/Type/_limits,
	Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: `limit' accepts `unlimited' as a value.

2001-10-26  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16184: Src/hist.c: Improved readhistline() to reject binary data

2001-10-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16176: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c: after fdclose(),
	TCP control fd is no longer valid, but we still need to remove
	the session cleanly.

2001-10-26  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16174: Completion/Unix/Command/_zdump,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_time_zone, Completion/Zsh/Context/_value,
	Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles: complete value of $TZ

2001-10-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16172: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c: rename
	freehostent() to zfreehostent() to avoid clash with Solaris libnsl.

	* 16171: Doc/Zsh/zftpsys.yo: minor changes of phrasing.

	* 15793: Src/Modules/zftp.c: require zsh/net/tcp explicitly from
	setup_ function for zftp.

2001-10-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16145: Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: try to handle both RLIMITS_VMEM
	and RLIMITS_RSS, even if they are the same value (c.f. 16033).

2001-10-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16130: Doc/.cvsignore, Doc/Zsh/manual.yo: Fix for texi2html

2001-10-24  Geoff Wing  <>

	* 16063: Src/zsh.h, Src/options.c, Src/Zle/zle_main.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c, Doc/Zsh/options.yo: add transientrprompt
	option to remove right prompt from display when accepting commands

2001-10-23  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16124: Src/loop.c: Fix infinite loop on `case' with xtrace
	(bug introduced by 16041).

2001-10-23  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16122: Src/builtin.c, Test/B03print.ztst: only count value
	returned by %n in printf since last format reuse

2001-10-22  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16033: Pavel Roskin <>:
	  Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: Undefine RLIMIT_RSS if it's equal to
	RLIMIT_VMEM to avoid duplicate case value.
	  aczsh.m4 (zsh_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT): Ignore output of getconf
	if it returns "undefined".

2001-10-22  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16111: Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: Report error on attempt to set
	limit to a string that is not a decimal number.

2001-10-22  Adam Spiers  <>

	* 16092: Completion/Unix/Command/_mysql_utils: don't override
	settings in ~/.my.cnf

2001-10-20  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* Adapted from Stefan Dalibor, 16043: Src/utils.c: checkrmall()
	must not print to shout when shout's not valid.

2001-10-19  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16085: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe,
	Completion/Zsh/Type/_file_descriptors: fix: make _describe
	handle (...) arguments correctly; use _file_descriptors after
	-t in conditions; don't display empty descriptions in

2001-10-18  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16080: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Test/B03print.ztst:
	allow arguments to be specified in printf format specifications

2001-10-17  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16078: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip:
	add -r, change description for -R.

2001-10-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16076: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: don't use
	_comp_ignore while building paths, only at end

2001-10-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 16065: Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: sourceforge.

2001-10-16  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16064: Src/builtin.c, Src/utils.c, Test/B03print.ztst:
	fix return code of printf after math errors, incomplete comment
	in utils.c and tests of printf now that math evaluation is used

2001-10-16  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16062: Src/Modules/zftp.c: use O_EXCL
	when opening a temporary file.

2001-10-15  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 16059: Src/hist.c: Fix HIST_NO_SPACE when
	INTERACTIVE_COMMENTS is set and we get a comment.

2001-10-15  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16042: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: use arithmetic
	evaluation for numeric arguments to printf

2001-10-15  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* Bart: 16038 and 16041: Src/cond.c, Src/loop.c: for caching of
	compiled patterns: remember that singsub() might modify the string
	it gets, compare with unmodified string

2001-10-14  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16031: Src/Modules/tcp.c: Don't need <arpa/telnet.h>; misc.
	inconsequential reformatting.

	* 16030: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: Fix minor typos in option

2001-10-11  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 16013: Src/exec.c: Properly save/restore state around the
	DEBUG trap, so that its return value does not alter the return
	value of current command (among other things).

2001-10-11  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 16002: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: use expanded paths
	(expand style with value prefix) only when we are at the last
	matcher spec

2001-10-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16006: Completion/Unix/Type/_mailboxes, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	use styles for mail directory, pine directory,
	and muttrc.

	* 16005: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount:
	check /etc/filesystems under Linux.

2001-10-10  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 16018: acconfig.h,, Etc/MACHINES,
	Test/C02cond.ztst: allow dynamic loading to work on MacOS X
	if the dlcompat library is installed.

2001-10-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 16000: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
	completion for debchange (dch).

2001-10-09  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15995: Completion/Unix/Type/_files, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	change file completion default to offer globbed files and
	directories on first try

2001-10-09  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15994: Completion/compinstall: handle list-suffixes; make
	prompts at end of function more transparent.

2001-10-09  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15991: Src/Zle/compcore.c: hide all but one match with the
	same string in the list even for unsorted groups

2001-10-08  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15987: Src/Modules/tcp.c: remove includes duplicated from tcp.h
	which caused problems on IRIX 5.3.

	* 15983: Completion/Unix/Command/_wget, Completion/Unix/Type/_urls,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin, Completion/Unix/Command/_sysctl,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_webbrowser: update for wget 1.7, darwin
	support in _sysctl, complete files for galeon

2001-10-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15980: Functions/Misc/zcalc: '[#16] 2000' ignored the base.

	* 15721: LICENCE: wording change from ages ago.

2001-10-08  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15973: Completion/Zsh/Command/_print, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo,
	Src/builtin.c, Src/hashtable.h, Test/.distfiles, Test/B03print.ztst:
	merge bin_printf and bin_print to allow print -f option and add
	%n format specifier and tests

2001-10-08  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15965: Src/exec.c, Src/glob.c, Src/subst.c: rename glob() to
	zglob() to avoid clashes with library function.

	* 15931: Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c:  make EXIT traps work in
	subshells the way they used to before 15844: react to explicit
	`exit' but not falling off end of list.

2001-10-08  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 15964: Src/Modules/tcp.c: use SOCKLEN_T

2001-10-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* Norbert Koch: 15954: Doc/Zsh/arith.yo:
	fix inconsistency of variable name in example.

2001-10-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15949: Completion/compinstall: add handling for expand style.

2001-10-05  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15851, 15948: Src/builtin.c, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: add printf
	builtin	with basic POSIX functionality

2001-10-05  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15946: Src/Zle/compresult.c: fix calculation of number of
	columns needed with list_packed

	* 15945: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd: make _cd use only one call
	to _alternative, including completions from _tilde (using the
	named-directories tag)

	* 15944: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo:
	make expand style (file completion) work again; no more special
	behaviour with menu completion; try to make docs clearer

2001-10-05  Geoff Wing  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/options.yo: typo

2001-10-05  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15941: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount:
	complete reiserfs mount options.

	* 15940: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount:
	complete -o utf8 for mount -t vfat.

	* 15939: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount:
	complete xfs mount options (for Linux).

	* 15938: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount:
	complete ext3 mount options.

2001-10-02  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15919: Src/linklist.c, Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h:
	use LinkLists in tcp module rather than somewhat equivalent code.

2001-10-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15917: Test/C03traps.ztst: test for EXIT trap fix in 15844.

2001-09-30  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15915: Completion/Debian/Command/_bts:
	completion for bts script in devscripts.

2001-09-28  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15895: Src/Modules/zftp.c: Control-connection management sanity
	in conjunction with the new zsh/net/tcp module.

	* 15889: Test/V01zmodload.ztst: Compute module dependencies for
	external modules so that they can be unloaded in the right order.

2001-09-27  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15882:, Etc/MACHINES, Test/C02cond.ztst: fix
	build and test problems on MacOS X (Darwin).

2001-09-27  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15886: Src/Modules/tcp.c: use select if poll
	is not available, or complain if neither are

2001-09-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Config/, Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Doc/Zsh/.distfiles, Functions/Misc/.distfiles,
	Functions/Zle/.distfiles, Test/.distfiles: version 4.1.0-dev-2,
	with the usual fix for the list of distributed files.

2001-09-25  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15871, 15872: Src/subst.c, Test/D04parameter.ztst: Equivalence
	of `...` and $(...) in parameter substitutions, e.g. ${(e)...}.

2001-09-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15868, 15869: Src/text.c: job text building code couldn't handle
	empty sublists (as in `coproc || test')

2001-09-25  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15866: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh:
	complete v2 ciphers after -o Ciphers=,
	complete protocol numbers after -o Protocol.

2001-09-24  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15865: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: Fix ancient `print -z' doc bug
	(see zsh-workers/214 (yes, really, 214)).

	* 15864: Doc/Zsh/params.yo: Document that assignment to TERM
	is necessary to re-initialize the terminal.

	* users/4269: Src/hist.c: Detect and reject corrupted history
	files ('\0' bytes) rather than consuming all available memory.

2001-09-24  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15844: Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c: Unwind function calls before
	exiting	shell from exit command to allow EXIT traps to run.

2001-09-21  Andrew Main (Zefram)  <>

	* Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Misc/tetris: Tetris game for ZLE.

2001-09-20  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15847: Src/init.c: Avoid using the word "termcap" in an error
	message when it may in fact have been curses or terminfo that

2001-09-19  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15846: aczsh.m4: Fix attempt to restore LDFLAGS from non-existent
	saved value when testing RTLD_GLOBAL.

2001-09-18  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15836: Src/builtin.c: Further modify the "fc -l" code to tolerate
	out-of range values.

2001-09-17  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15837: Src/Zle/zle_hist.c: Fixed incremental search in vared
	(without -h) so that it doesn't access the history.

2001-09-16  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* Akinori MUSHA: 15815: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg: More
	detailed completion of package options on different BSD flavors.

2001-09-15  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15812: Doc/, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: Include mod_tcp.yo in
	MODDOCSRC.  Cross-reference parameters used by ZLE.

2001-09-14  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15809: Src/hist.c: With HIST_NO_STORE, don't ignore what looks like
	a history command if we're really going to call a user-defined shell

2001-09-13  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15806: Src/builtin.c, Src/hist.c: Fixed "r" with an empty history
	and the non-storing nature of "r" with HIST_NO_STORE.

2001-09-12  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15792: Doc/Zsh/manual.yo, Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: update url
	references to

2001-09-11  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15781: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_samba: new completion for samba tools

	* unposted: Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript: complete ascii
	character class added in 15765

2001-09-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15783: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/mod_tcp.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/.distfiles: document ztcp builtin.

	* 15780: Src/Modules/tcp.c: tweak variable name.

	* 15779: Src/Modules/tcp.c: add -d (specify fd)
	for ztcp.

	* unposted: Src/Modules/tcp.c:
	don't segfault on -a if the session table is empty,
	and other fixes.  

	* 15772: Src/Modules/tcp.c: add -t (test) for ztcp.

2001-09-09  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* David Lebel: 15742: Shared object linkage on

2001-09-09  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15770: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h:
	add -a (accept) for ztcp.

	* 15768: Src/Modules/tcp.c:
	take service names in lieu of numbers,
	and stuff fd numbers into $REPLY instead
	of printing them.

	* 15766: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h:
	add -l (listen) for ztcp.

2001-09-08  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15765: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Src/pattern.c:
	introduce [:ascii:] class.

	* 15763: Src/Modules/tcp.c: add -v (verbose)
	for ztcp.

	* 15762: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h,
	Src/Modules/tcp.mdd, Src/Modules/zftp.c:
	introduce ztcp builtin.

2001-09-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15740: Completion/compaudit: don't whine about
	/usr/local/**/*(/) in $fpath being root:staff 2755
	if we think we're on Debian.

	* 15739: Completion/compaudit: use getent instead
	of /etc/group if possible.

2001-09-03  Andrew Main (Zefram)  <>

	* 15734: Doc/Zsh/zle.yo, Src/Zle/zle_hist.c, Src/Zle/zle_keymap.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_misc.c, Src/Zle/zle_params.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c: zle -K option to select a keymap, and zle
	KEYMAP parameter to examine the current selection.

2001-08-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15722: Completion/Unix/Command/_sh: handle zsh options.

	* 15720: Functions/Misc/zmv: use ${(e)...} as suggested by
	Bart; fix problem with option arguments with special characters;
	more consistency with shifting arguments; fix verbose mode
	output with backslashes.

2001-08-28  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15717: Src/subst.c, Src/Modules/parameter.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_misc.c: handle possible NULL pointer returned from

2001-08-27  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15713: Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm: added package-specification
	options to the --verify command.

2001-08-27  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15708: Src/lex.c: Fix PS2 prompt when there's an open double
	quote inside an open braced-parameter expression.

2001-08-25  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15707: Src/init.c: Fix history crash caused by re-entering
	loop() when the `precmd' shell function uses `source' or `.'.

	* 15702: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: Alphabetize (mostly) parameter flag
	descriptions; fix a couple of typos; parameter rule #12.
2001-08-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15705: Src/Zle/complete.c: test if hash table pointer is NULL
	to avoid SEGV with compstate=()

2001-08-22  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15683: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_links: completion for

2001-08-22  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15676: Test/A01grammar.ztst, Test/A05execution.ztst,
	Test/C02cond.ztst, Test/D04parameter.ztst, Test/E01options.ztst,
	Test/E02xtrace.ztst, Test/Y01completion.ztst,
	Test/Y03arguments.ztst:  Tweak %prep sections to exit sooner on
	certain failures (by adding blank lines).  Other whitespace-only
	changes.  Avoid [[ ! -r ... ]] test when running as root, as it
	always fails in that case.  Test `typeset -ft' (function trace).
	* 15608: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd: Don't treat numbers as
	cd-able vars.

2001-08-21  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15675: Src/Builtins/rlimits.awk: handle case
	where RLIM_NLIMITS is set to a number within an

2001-08-21  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* users/4157 (plus workers/15674): Completion/Unix/Command/_man:
	Better handling of section numbers.

2001-08-20  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15669: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate,
	Src/Zle/compcore.c: undo most of 15650, do that in shell code

2001-08-18  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15617: Src/exec.c: Fix exit status of zsh -fc '! command'.

2001-08-17  Adam Spiers  <>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_adam2_setup: eliminate
	horrible inefficiencies resulting from avoidable fork()s

2001-08-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15653: Completion/Base/Core/_main_complete: make insert-tab
	really default to `true'

	* 15650: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files, Src/Zle/compcore.c: fix 
	test for expanded paths in _path_files; more intelligently move
	glob flags (in particular those added by _approximate) after a

2001-08-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15647: Functions/Misc/zcalc:  with output not showing the
	base (e.g. [##16]) reuse of previous values didn't work.

2001-08-16  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15639: Src/text.c: fix bug for output of unquoted here-docs and
	-strings with special characters

	* 15638: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate: make sure that
	there is one of the group-options before using it

2001-08-15  Geoff Wing  <>
	* 15621: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: display of status line was being
	mucked up; also fix continuation markers "<...." and "<....>"

	* unposted: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: fix possible seg fault on a
	screen height shrink

2001-08-15  Adam Spiers  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: mention the word `greedy' in the
	docs for the S flag, to make it easier to find for those used to

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: add missing docs for cache-policy

	* 15630: Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm: update caching policy
	for newer versions of rpm.

2001-08-14  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15629: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip: unzip -Z
	should behave the same as zipinfo.

2001-08-13  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15613 (plus unposted additions): Test/B02typeset.ztst: Tests for
	correct behavior of typeset options and arguments.

	* 15611: Src/builtin.c, Test/D06subscript.ztst: Fix crash bug when
	assigning to array elements in a function in the arguments of
	typeset or local.  Change test for new typeset restrictions.

2001-08-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15615: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: -[12n] options don't
	get arguments

2001-08-12  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* Peter Breitenlohner: 14956:, Doc/,
	Test/ Fix various interactions of DESTDIR and use of
	multiple build targets, e.g. "make DESTDIR=/tmp all check info".

2001-08-09  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15606: Completion/Unix/Command/_dd: add exclusion lists

	* 15599: Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin: detect redhat or
	mandrake before completing redhat's extensions

2001-08-08  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15596: Src/Zle/compmatch.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: Silence some compiler warnings.

2001-08-08  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15597: Completion/Unix/Command/_dd, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: follow-up to 15588; add -w option to
	_values (look at all words); change _dd back

2001-08-07  Wayne Davison  <>

	* users/4092: Src/hist.c: Don't lose the last history line
	when a signal causes us to rewrite the history file.

2001-08-07  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15594: Completion/Zsh/Context/_value,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_enable: use _x_display when setting
	$DISPLAY and fix substitution mistake in enable completion

	* 15590: Completion/Zsh/Context/_equal: after 15586, we no
	longer want to complete aliases in the equal context

2001-08-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15588: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate,
	Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Completion/Unix/Command/_dd:
	make _dd not use already used specs; fix for selecting stuff to
	complete in _describe; fix for correction and _describe with
	grouped lists

2001-08-07  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15586: Src/subst.c, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: remove =alias expansion,
	so `=' only expands pathnames.  Hooray!

	* 15585: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Zle/bash-down-case-word,
	Functions/Zle/bash-up-case-word: two new Zle functions with
	bash-style word boundaries.

	* 15583: Config/ ignore CVS directories for
	all function installations, not just with subdirectories.

2001-08-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15584: Src/parse.c: increment zwc file version (which means
	changing the magic number)

2001-08-06  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15574: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs, Completion/Unix/Command/_dd,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_dict, Completion/Unix/Command/_grep,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_loadkeys, Completion/Unix/Command/_ls,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_patch, Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_wget, Completion/Unix/Type/_diff_options,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_directories,  Completion/Unix/Type/_groups,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_users: new _user_admin for useradd, groupmod etc,
	rewrite of _dd to use _values and make more completions share
	descriptions for long and short options

2001-08-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15562, Akinori Musha: 15559, 15563: Completion/BSD/Command/_chflags,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_chown, Completion/Unix/Command/_sysctl:
	new BSD completion and fix _chown for symlinks

2001-07-31  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15551: Completion/Unix/Command/_gzip: handle -l and -t
	as done for -d; only complete presumably compressed files.

2001-07-31  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15549: Test/Y03arguments.ztst: fix for changed listing layout

2001-07-30  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15526: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	change order in which compgroups adds groups; add comment to
	_arguments trying to explain how and why the return value is

2001-07-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15511: Functions/Misc/zcalc, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: make
	zcalc prompt configurable and allow ^D to exit.

2001-07-27  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15509: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Src/Zle/compresult.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: improve grouped listings some more, so that
	TABs walk along the first column first; improve list_packed

2001-07-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15508: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: cvs tag told you it was
	going to complete a tag, but then didn't.

	* 15507: Functions/Misc/zcalc, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: new zcalc
	shell function.

2001-07-26  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15503: Test/E01options.ztst: fix posixbuiltins test so that it
	isn't broken by the existence of a print external command.

2001-07-26  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15498: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: fix cross-refs
	for zle builtins and add extra texinfo nodes for zle keymaps,
	builtins and widgets.

2001-07-25  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15489: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe: Fix typo.

	* 15488: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: More index entry cleanup.  Reorder the
	description section to look less as if it has two menus in info
	and to add some cross-references.

2001-07-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15487: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Src/Zle/complete.c:
	move pattern matching in the loop to make sure all match specs
	are used

	* 15485: Completion/Unix/Command/_lzop,
	Completion/Zsh/Type/_file_descriptors, Completion/Zsh/Type/_jobs:
	some more places where list-separator should be used

	* 15484: Completion/AIX/Command/_lscfg,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_printers, Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: another fix for 15477 (separator strings);
	add list-separator style

	* 15482: Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo, Src/Zle/compcore.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: fixlet for 15477, don't let it remove
	consecutive dummy matches

	* 15477: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo,
	Src/Zle/comp.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/complete.c,
	Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	make display for groups in _describe nicer; improve packing
	with list_packed; leave space for type character (list_types)
	only in groups with at least one file name

2001-07-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15470: Src/parse.c: remove nulargs in here strings

2001-07-24  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15472: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/grammar.yo: Fix errors
	introduced by 15354.

2001-07-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15468: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: improve user/host
	completion before a @

2001-07-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15432: Functions/Zle/bash-transpose-words, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo:
	new bash-transpose-words widget.

2001-07-20  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15433: Src/Zle/computil.c: don't use compsuffix when it might
	be freed; use the right variable in that loop there, dammit

2001-07-19  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15415: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	yet another followup to 15407; make _describe filter out
	non-matching strings before calling compdescribe, otherwise
	some matches will be hidden

2001-07-18  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15409: Src/Zle/computil.c: fix for 15407; there may be sets
	without matches

	* 15407: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	add list-grouped option to make options and such be grouped
	together if they have the same description; matches with
	line-display strings can be hidden; hi and du capabilities in
	complist are only used if set by the user

	* 15402 (Akinori Musha): Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: add
	support for -R option on BSDs

2001-07-17  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15393 (Akinori Musha): Completion/Unix/Command/_chown: use
	colon separator for BSD

2001-07-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15400: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: add
	preserve-prefix style to keep pathname prefix unchanged

2001-07-13  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 15278 (Sven), 15390: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: more Cygwin support
	15278 was accidentally committed by me

2001-07-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15389: Completion/Unix/Type/_files,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: make _files not use its own
	description if there is one from a calling function; improve
	-P-prefix handling in _path_files

2001-07-11  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15375: Doc/Zsh/options.yo: Explain the effect of CORRECT on
	HASH_CMDS et al.

2001-07-10  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15357: Completion/Base/Completer/_prefix, Src/Zle/compcore.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: prefix completion: make e-o-c-p leave a
	space before the cursor, make _prefix leave the cursor after
	the inserted match even if only a single match; and make the
	C-code not show explanation strings if the completion function
	it doesn't want a list

2001-07-10  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15354: Doc/Zsh/arith.yo, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/compat.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/files.yo, Doc/Zsh/func.yo, Doc/Zsh/grammar.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/intro.yo, Doc/Zsh/invoke.yo, Doc/Zsh/jobs.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/manual.yo, Doc/Zsh/params.yo, Doc/Zsh/prompt.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/redirect.yo:  Add or clean up a lot of index entries.
	Reorder the documentation for prompt escapes for readability and
	ease of lookup (I hope).

2001-07-10  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15352: Completion/Unix/Command/_man: remove not only numeric
	suffixes, but also `.n' and the like

2001-07-09  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15334: Src/builtin.c, Test/A01grammar.ztst, Test/A02alias.ztst,
	Test/A04redirect.ztst, Test/C01arith.ztst, Test/D01prompt.ztst,
	Test/D04parameter.ztst, Test/D06subscript.ztst,
	Test/E01options.ztst, Test/E02xtrace.ztst, Test/V01zmodload.ztst:
	Another companion piece to 15327 to use `(eval)' as the script
	name in an eval.  This neatens the test code considerably.

	* unposted: Config/ 4.1.0-dev-1.

	* 15329: Test/A01grammar.ztst, Test/A02alias.ztst,
	Test/A04redirect.ztst, Test/A05execution.ztst, Test/C01arith.ztst,
	Test/D04parameter.ztst, Test/D06subscript.ztst,
	Test/E01options.ztst, Test/E02xtrace.ztst, Test/V01zmodload.ztst:
	changes in test scripts required by 15327; mostly benign but
	the behaviour of LINENO in trap '...' DEBUG is probably wrong.

	* 15327: Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c, Src/glob.c, Src/parse.c,
	Src/Modules/parameter.c, Src/Modules/zpty.c, Src/Modules/zutil.c:
	Always use local LINENOs in parse_string().  Currently we only
	do this sometimes in order for existing $LINENO to show through.
	This seems to cause more problems than it solves.

2001-07-09  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15321: Src/exec.c: Fix line numbers in an error message; unwind
	function context properly on obscure autoloading failures.

2001-07-07  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15308: Src/builtin.c: Fix infinite loop on `r OLD=NEW' when OLD
	is the empty string, by rejecting replacements with an empty OLD.

	* 15305: Src/Zle/zle_main.c: Suppress XTRACE during execution of
	user-defined ZLE widgets unless the widget function has been
	tagged for tracing with `typeset -ft'.

	* 15304: Src/math.c: Unset parameters should not always become
	typed as float upon assignment (fix for 15292).

2001-07-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15291, 15292: Src/math.c, Src/zsh.h, Test/C01arith.yo:
	fix bug that assignment to scalar in math mode failed if
	scalar had non-math value in it.

2001-07-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15250: zsh/pcre module will load gracefully even
	when pcre functions are unavailable.

2001-07-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15288: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Functions/Zle/bash-forward-word, Functions/Zle/bash-bacward-word,
	Functions/Zle/bash-kill-word, Functions/Zle/bash-backward-kill-word:
	complete set of bash-compatible word functions with documentation.

	* 15279: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: describe those ${(S)...%%...} things
	so that even I understand what the code does.

2001-07-06  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15252 (and Akinori Musha: 15245): Completion/BSD/Command/_kld,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_sysctl: Add exclusion lists and use
	_multi_parts for BSD completion of sysctl.

2001-07-06  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15283: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: when looking for
	parameter expansions, ignore `$'s with a backslash before them

2001-07-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15277: Src/glob.c: *real* bug with ${(S)...%%...}: the indices
	for start and end of backreferences were incorrect.

	* Back out 15266: it was right before, I was looking at it
	back to front.

2001-07-06  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15271: Src/Modules/pcre.mdd: Default to dynamic linkage only, as
	the pcre library is unlikely to be available.

2001-07-06  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15266: Src/glob.c, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: ${(S)...%%...} matches
	were wrong; try desperately to explain that in ${(SI:...:)...%%...}
	and ${(SI:...:)...%...} indices count matches finishing
	progressively earlier in the string.

	* 15265: Src/parse.c: correction problems with new `for' syntax.
2001-07-05  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15264: Doc/Zsh/grammar.yo: improve description of use of
	variant complex command forms to avoid confusing the present

	* 15261: Test/E01options.ztst, Test/ztst.zsh: remaining easy
	option tests.

2001-07-05  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 15253 : Src/hashtable.c: make hashdir() hash foo in addition
	to foo.exe on Cygwin again (lost when Cygwin gcc stopped setting
	_WIN32 by default).

2001-07-03  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15242: Doc/Zsh/mod_pcre.yo, Src/Modules/pcre.c: set $match
	instead of pparams.  pcre_match -a sets specified array instead of

	* 15234: Doc/Zsh/mod_pcre.yo: describe behavior introduced by

	* 15228:, Src/Modules/pcre.c: switch AC_CHECK_LIB to
	AC_SEARCH_LIBS for pcre.  Have pcre_match set positional
	parameters with the contents of capture buffers.

	* unposted: Doc/ add mod_pcre.yo to makefile.

2001-07-03  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15223, Akinori Musha: 15215: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_sysctl: Add completion for sysctl(8)

2001-07-03  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/.distfiles, Functions/Example/.distfiles,
	Src/Modules/.distfiles: update distfiles for 15211.

2001-07-02  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* unposted: Remove references to FUNCINST_MK.

2001-07-02  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15211:, Doc/Zsh/mod_pcre.yo,
	Functions/Example/zpgrep, Src/Modules/pcre.c,
	Src/Modules/pcre.mdd: interface to PCRE library.

2001-07-02  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 15204:, Src/compat.c, Src/params.c: fix compilation
	problems on IRIX 5.3 and correct error messages

2001-07-02  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15198: Completion/Zsh/Context/_tilde: Return nonzero if no
	matches are found.

2001-06-30  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15191: Src/init.c: Don't infinite loop if there's an error in
	the user's precmd -- reset errflag after preprompt().

2001-06-29  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 15183: fix DLLD in non-ELF case

	* 15181: use -KPIC instead of -Kpic at request
	of Tomi Vainio <Tomi.Vainio@Sun.COM>

	* 15180:, Etc/MACHINES: make AIX default to termcap
	as workaround for apparent AIX curses bug; add flags to create
	modules with shared object type. Mention curses problem.

2001-06-29  Clint Adams  <>

	* Bart: 15083 plus comments: Functions/Zle/bash-backward-kill-word:
	bash-style backward-kill-word function.

2001-06-28  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 15172: Src/hist.c: Have prepnexthistent() remove any HIST_TEMPSTORE
	entry that is present.

2001-06-28  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15169: README, Doc/zman.yo, Doc/ztexi.yo, Doc/Zsh/manual.yo:
	handle top node in a way texinfo 4.0 likes better.  May require
	upgrading texinfo.

	* 15160 and Andrej zsh-users/3973: Doc/ install
	zsh.html if generated.

2001-06-28  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* unposted: Etc/zsh-development-guide, Test/B01cd.ztst: fix typos

	* 15159: Completion/X/Command/_vnc: fix for two digit display numbers,
	use _values for -encodings option and complete for xvncviewer

2001-06-28  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* Bart: 15106, small changes in 15152: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_tilde: Improve completion for `cd' with
	cdablevars set; cleanup in _cd and _tilde

2001-06-27  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15151: --enable-sitefndir should be
	--enable-site-fndir, spotted by Jos Backus.

2001-06-27  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15123: Src/Zle/compmatch.c: (only the patch to compmatch.c
	from the mail); improve merging cline lists coming from
	different IPREFIX/PREFIX combinations and such by avoiding to
	generate cline structs for empty parts after a match spec
	anchor cline struct

	* 15115: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/options.yo, Src/exec.c,
	Src/jobs.c, Src/options.c, Src/zsh.h: add autocontinue option
	to automatically make stopped jos running when they are being
	disowned; make that the default for `%job &!' and `%job &|'

2001-06-26  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 15099: Test/D03procsubst.ztst, Test/ztst.zsh: add some support
	for skipping unimplemented features

2001-06-26  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15094: Functions/Prompts/prompt_clint_setup:
	don't display battery level if it's -1%.

2001-06-26  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* user/3946: Src/Zle/computil.c: fix for finding the first
	ambiguous path component in compfiles

	* 15087: Src/jobs.c: make warning message for disowning stopped
	jobs more verbose (saying how to make the job running again)

2001-06-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* zsh-users/3942: source installed as Etc/FAQ.yo: latest FAQ.
	* unposted: Completion/Zsh/Context/.distfiles: add _autocd.

2001-06-25  Clint Adams  <>

	* 15079: Completion/Unix/Command/_last,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_users: last
	takes other arguments than users.

2001-06-25  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 15030: Doc/Zsh/grammar.yo, Src/loop.c, Src/parse.c, Src/text.c:
	`for' loops can take multiple parameter names before the `in'
	or left parenthesis, each of which takes one word from the list
	on each iteration.

2001-06-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* user/3940: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: make expand-word not always
	restore the command line

2001-06-24  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15060: Test/A02alias.ztst: Change expected return value to
	account for 15050.

	* 15060: Test/Y01completion.ztst, Test/Y02compmatch.ztst,
	Test/Y03arguments.ztst, Test/comptest: Abandon the tests during
	the %prep section if the zpty module can't be loaded.	

	* 15057: Src/exec.c: PRINT_EXIT_VALUE for shell functions, too.

2001-06-23  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15056: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: Change magic-space to recognize
	whether !" (quote against history expansion) has been typed.

	* 15050, 15054: Src/exec.c: Change exit status of external
	commands that could not be executed, to comply with POSIX.

2001-06-22  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 15021: Src/prompt.c, Doc/Zsh/prompt.yo: revert to old %l
	semantic; add new %y character instead as suggested by Wayne

	* 15038: Test/A01grammar.ztst: test case for 15023.
	(unposted) fix a couple of typos in test decriptions

2001-06-21  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 15029: Completion/Unix/Command/_man: improve pattern matching
	to make match specs work for manual page completion

2001-06-21  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 15023, 15027: Src/parse.c: Accept newlines before the "in"
	keyword in "for" and "select", per POSIX.

	* 15020: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd, Completion/Zsh/Context/_autocd,
	Completion/Zsh/Type/_command_names: When AUTO_CD is set, complete
	directory names (including along cdpath) as well as commands when
	in command position.

	* 15018: Completion/compinit: Fix exit status of compdef.

	* 15002: Completion/Base/Widget/_complete_debug,
	Completion/Base/Widget/_complete_help: Use `trap' to restore state
	properly in case of keyboard interrupt.

2001-06-20  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 14880: Completion/Base/Core/_main_complete: Fix insert-tab style
	when value is `pending'.  (Belated commit, out of number order.)

2001-06-20  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14988 with mod suggested in 14989: Src/exec.c: avoid names of
	saved special parameters being trashed.

2001-06-19  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 14976: aczsh.m4: Add socklen_t to possible SOCKLEN_T types.

2001-06-19  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 14973: acconfig.h, aczsh.m4,, Src/Modules/zftp.c:
	fix for reported problems on AIX 4.x. Still no feedback if it
	finally works (or even compiles)

2001-06-18  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 14965: Src/Zle/computil.c: Silence compiler warnings.

2001-06-18  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14962: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: make special-dirs
	work together with file-sort (ignore added qualifiers in a

2001-06-18  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14959: Src/signals.c: more renames for 14951.

2001-06-18  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14952: Src/parse.c: make zcompile unlink() the zwc file first
	(in case it is currently mapped we don't want to overwrite it);
	also, create the file read-only

	* 14951: Src/signals.c, Src/signals.h: rename handler() to
	zhandler() because it's now exported to modules

2001-06-17  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* Jason Began: 3931 (see Use
	-fPIC for gcc dynamic linking rather than -fpic.

2001-06-16  Wayne Davison  <>

	* unposted: Src/utils.c: Revert the mkstemp() change since it was not
	right.  Left alone in case someone wants to create a more
	elaborate mkstemp() change.

2001-06-16  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14939:, Src/utils.c: Some systems with GNU-based
	utilities scream at you for using mktemp() instead of mkstemp().

2001-06-15  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14929: Src/params.c: after 14915, assigning to individual
	positional parameters failed.

2001-06-15  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 14931: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c: fix length
	calculation in tcp_connect and zftp_open

2001-06-14  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14921: Functions/Zftp/zfinit, Completion/Zsh/Command/_zftp:
	Load tcp module for zftp; autoload zfget_match and zfcd_match
	for _zftp.

	* 14915: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/params.yo, Src/builtin.c,
	Src/params.c: special parameters can't have readonly turned off;
	$* and $@ are readonly.

2001-06-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14903: Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: fixes for
	display bugs for completion lists (cursor left one line to far
	up or down)

2001-06-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14893: Src/signals.c: make handler mod_export because it's
	needed for signal queueing in various modules.  Probably
	sensible to change handler to zhandler too --- not done yet.

2001-06-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14897 (and Oliver Kiddle: 14862): Completion/Base/Utility/_values,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mount, Completion/Unix/Type/_dir_list,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: fix for comparguments (completing after
	single letter options that get their argument in the next
	word); make _values ignore some of the standard option it may
	get; make _mount use _dir_list in some places and improve that;
	`document' comparguments and compvalues with some comments in

2001-06-13  Oliver Kiddle  <>

	* 14896: Completion/Zsh/Type/_command_names: don't complete read-only
	parameters on the left side of an assignment

2001-06-13  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* unposted: Completion/compinstall: spotted by Bart: assignments
	when finding $fpath if not set in current shell were completely

2001-06-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14883 (Jos Backus): Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: add code for
	BSDish systems

2001-06-12  Clint Adams  <>

	* 14863: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c:
	introduce tcp_connect.

2001-06-12  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14858: Doc/Zsh/options.yo, Src/options.c, Src/subst.c,
	Src/zsh.h, Test/E01options.ztst: KSH_TYPESET option allows
	assignments after typeset not to be split.

2001-06-12  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 14849: README: Request "reporter" output only if a bug cannot
	be reproduced with 'zsh -f'.

2001-06-11  Clint Adams  <>

	* 14843: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/zftp.c:
	introduce tcp_close and use it to close control fd.

2001-06-11  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14841: Completion/Base/Utility/_values, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	new word parsing for compvalues; this should now handle empty
	separators correctly, as far as it is possible

2001-06-11  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* 14840: Doc/Zsh/options.yo: document search behaviour with
	PATH_DIRS option.

2001-06-10  Clint Adams  <>

	* 14830: config.guess, config.sub:
	upgrade to GNU's June 5 and 8 versions,

2001-06-09  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* unposted (see 14826): Test/C02cond.ztst: Force group of new
	directory created for file-mode tests to be owned by the current
	effective group.

	* 14827: Src/parse.c, Src/utils.c: Move zwcstat() to parse.c
	where it can be wrapped in #ifdef USE_MMAP.

	* 14824: Test/comptest: Avoid echotc (improvement on 14792).

2001-06-08  Clint Adams  <>

	* 14815: Src/utils.c: actually check the filename of
	the dump.

	* 14813:, Src/parse.c, Src/utils.c, Src/zsh.h:
	try to autoload functions from digest files that are deleted
	but still open.

2001-06-08  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 14796: More reliable BROKEN_KILL_ESRCH test.

2001-06-07  Bart Schaefer  <>

	* 14792: Test/comptest: Don't import the current terminal type for
	the zpty terminal, because the current terminal might not be able
	to run ZLE (e.g., emacs shell mode).

	* 14792: Src/Modules/tcp.h, Src/Modules/zftp.c: Shuffle around
	several #include directives to get the sockaddr_in definition in
	all the places it's needed.

	* 14712: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: Improve appearance of long hanging
	paragraph tag for the "read" builtin.

	* 14578: Src/Modules/termcap.c: Handle vagaries of tgetflag()
	return value in new function ztgetflag().

2001-06-07  Wayne Davison  <>

	* 14793: Src/hist.c: Don't mark a HIST_TMPSTORE entry with HIST_OLD
	so that the HFILE_FAST algorithm in savehistfile() will recheck this
	histnum later.

2001-06-06  Clint Adams  <>

	* unposted: Src/Modules/.distfiles: add
	tcp.* files.

	* 14778: Src/Modules/tcp.mdd, Src/Modules/zftp.mdd:
	rename zsh/tcp to zsh/net/tcp.

	* 14770: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h,
	Src/Modules/tcp.mdd, Src/Modules/zftp.c,
	Src/Modules/zftp.mdd: move some functionality
	from zftp to independent tcp module.

2001-06-06  Andrej Borsenkow  <>

	* 14772: David Lebel <>: patch
	for dynamic linking on OpenBSD

	* unposted: Etc/zsh-development-guide: we now support autoconf-2.50

	* 14766: Src/prompt.c: uniform %l substitution

	* 14760: use old-style AC_INIT without version

	* 14758: no more ac_cv_cygwin in autoconf-2.50;
	use host_os instead

	* unposted; based on 14679 (me) and 14693 (Bart):,, .distfiles,,, Src/
	Allow processing by both autoconf-2.13 and autoconf-2.50; remove
	config.status hack for autoconf-2.50

2001-06-06  Sven Wischnowsky  <>

	* 14736: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: make docs for _wanted and
	_requested clearer (command has to allow options passed to it)

	* 14733: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments: two fixes: try all
	actions that have to be tried (but only once), execute actions
	if we aren't after an option already (in the same word)

2001-06-05  Chmouel Boudjnah  <>

	* 14550: Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm: Add --nobuild and --nogpg
	to rpm completion

2001-06-04  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Relabelled this version 4.1.0-dev-0.

2001-06-01  Peter Stephenson  <>

	* Config/ 4.0.1 released, finally.

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