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$0, setting 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
$0, using 16.2.10 Shell Emulation

–help 4.1 Invocation
–version 4.1 Invocation

.zwc files, creation 17 Shell Builtin Commands

acquiring zsh by FTP 2.2 Availability
aliases, completion of 16.2.2 Completion
aliases, defining 17 Shell Builtin Commands
aliases, expanding in function definition 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
aliases, expansion 16.2.6 Input/Output
aliases, global 6.8 Aliasing
aliases, listing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
aliases, removing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
aliasing 6.8 Aliasing
alternate forms for complex commands 6.4 Alternate Forms For Complex Commands
always blocks 6.3 Complex Commands
ambiguous completion 16.2.2 Completion
annoying keyboard, sun 16.2.6 Input/Output
anonymous functions 9.2 Anonymous Functions
argument splitting, in typeset etc. 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
arithmetic base 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
arithmetic evaluation 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
arithmetic expansion 14.5 Arithmetic Expansion
arithmetic operators 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
array assignment 15.2 Array Parameters
array expansion style, rc 14.3 Parameter Expansion
array parameters, setting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
array style, ksh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
arrays, behaviour of index zero 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
arrays, ksh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
assignment 15.1 Description
asynchronous jobs, and exiting shell 10.2 Signals
author 2.1 Author
autoloading functions 9.1 Autoloading Functions
autoloading functions 17 Shell Builtin Commands
availability of zsh 2.2 Availability

background jobs, I/O 10.1 Jobs
background jobs, notification 16.2.7 Job Control
background jobs, priority of 16.2.7 Job Control
bases, in arithmetic 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
bases, output in C format 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
bash, BASH_REMATCH variable 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
beep, ambiguous completion 16.2.2 Completion
beep, enabling 16.2.12 Zle
beep, history 16.2.4 History
bg, output in POSIX format 16.2.7 Job Control
binding keys 18.3 Zle Builtins
binding widgets 18.3 Zle Builtins
bindings, key 18.2 Keymaps
brace expansion 14.6 Brace Expansion
brace expansion, disabling 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
brace expansion, extending 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
bracketed paste 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
break, inside function 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
builtin commands 17 Shell Builtin Commands
builtins, utility 22.36 The zsh/zutil Module

calendar function system 23 Calendar Function System
calling widgets 18.3 Zle Builtins
capabilities, getting from files 22.3 The zsh/cap Module
capabilities, setting 22.3 The zsh/cap Module
capabilities, setting on files 22.3 The zsh/cap Module
case selection 6.3 Complex Commands
case-insensitive globbing, option 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
case-insensitive regular expression matches, option 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
cd, automatic 16.2.1 Changing Directories
cd, behaving like pushd 16.2.1 Changing Directories
cd, to parameter 16.2.1 Changing Directories
cd, with .. in argument 16.2.1 Changing Directories
CDPATH, order of checking 16.2.1 Changing Directories
character classes 14.8.1 Glob Operators
characters, (Unicode) combining 16.2.12 Zle
characters, multibyte, in expansion and globbing 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
clobbering, of files 16.2.6 Input/Output
clobbering, POSIX compatibility 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
cloning the shell 22.4 The zsh/clone Module
colon modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
combining characters (Unicode) 16.2.12 Zle
command execution 8 Command Execution
command execution, enabling 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
command hashing 16.2.6 Input/Output
command not found, handling of 8 Command Execution
command substitution 14.4 Command Substitution
commands, alternate forms for complex 6.4 Alternate Forms For Complex Commands
commands, builtin 17 Shell Builtin Commands
commands, complex 6.3 Complex Commands
commands, disabling 17 Shell Builtin Commands
commands, enabling 17 Shell Builtin Commands
commands, simple 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
commands, tracing 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
comments 6.7 Comments
comments, in interactive shells 16.2.6 Input/Output
compatibility 4.2 Compatibility
compatibility, csh 17 Shell Builtin Commands
compatibility, ksh 17 Shell Builtin Commands
compatibility, sh 17 Shell Builtin Commands
compdef, use of by compinit 20.2.2 Autoloaded files
compilation 17 Shell Builtin Commands
completion removable suffix, highlighting 18.7 Character Highlighting
completion system 20 Completion System
completion system, adding definitions 20.2.3 Functions
completion system, autoloaded functions 20.2.2 Autoloaded files
completion system, bindable commands 20.5 Bindable Commands
completion system, choosing completers 20.4 Control Functions
completion system, completers 20.4 Control Functions
completion system, configuration 20.3 Completion System Configuration
completion system, directory structure 20.8 Completion Directories
completion system, initializing 20.2.1 Use of compinit
completion system, installing 20.2 Initialization
completion system, styles 20.3.3 Standard Styles
completion system, tags 20.3.2 Standard Tags
completion system, utility functions 20.6 Utility Functions
completion system, variables 20.7 Completion System Variables
completion widgets, adding specified matches 19.3 Completion Builtin Commands
completion widgets, condition codes 19.4 Completion Condition Codes
completion widgets, creating 18.3 Zle Builtins
completion widgets, examining and setting state in 19.2 Completion Special Parameters
completion widgets, example 19.6 Completion Widget Example
completion widgets, modifying special parameters 19.3 Completion Builtin Commands
completion, ambiguous 16.2.2 Completion
completion, beep on ambiguous 16.2.2 Completion
completion, coloured listings 22.7 The zsh/complist Module
completion, controlling 19 Completion Widgets
completion, controlling 20 Completion System
completion, controlling 21 Completion Using compctl
completion, exact matches 16.2.2 Completion
completion, listing 16.2.2 Completion
completion, listing 22.7 The zsh/complist Module
completion, listing choices 16.2.2 Completion
completion, listing choices, bash style 16.2.2 Completion
completion, listing order 16.2.2 Completion
completion, menu 16.2.2 Completion
completion, menu 16.2.2 Completion
completion, programmable 19 Completion Widgets
completion, programmable 20 Completion System
completion, programmable 21 Completion Using compctl
completion, scroll listings 22.7 The zsh/complist Module
completion, selecting by cursor 22.7.3 Menu selection
completion, utility 22.8 The zsh/computil Module
completion, widgets 19 Completion Widgets
complex commands 6.3 Complex Commands
conditional expression 6.3 Complex Commands
conditional expressions 12 Conditional Expressions
continue, inside function 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
continuing jobs automatically 16.2.7 Job Control
continuing loops 17 Shell Builtin Commands
coprocess 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
correction, spelling 16.2.6 Input/Output
csh, compatibility 17 Shell Builtin Commands
csh, history style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
csh, loop style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
csh, null command style 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
csh, null globbing style 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
csh, quoting style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
csh, redirections with no command 16.2.10 Shell Emulation

database file path, reading 22.11 The zsh/db/gdbm Module
database tied array, creating 22.11 The zsh/db/gdbm Module
database tied array, destroying 22.11 The zsh/db/gdbm Module
database tied arrays, enumerating 22.11 The zsh/db/gdbm Module
date string, printing 22.10 The zsh/datetime Module
DEBUG trap, before or after command 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
defining widgets 18.3 Zle Builtins
descriptors, file 7 Redirection
directories, changing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
directories, hashing 16.2.6 Input/Output
directories, maintaining list of recent 26.3 Remembering Recent Directories
directories, marking 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
directories, named 16.2.2 Completion
directories, named, dynamic 14.7.1 Dynamic named directories
directories, named, dynamic, helper function 26.4 Abbreviated dynamic references to directories
directories, named, static 14.7.2 Static named directories
directory stack, controlling syntax 16.2.1 Changing Directories
directory stack, ignoring duplicates 16.2.1 Changing Directories
directory stack, printing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
directory stack, silencing 16.2.1 Changing Directories
disabling brace expansion 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
disabling commands 17 Shell Builtin Commands
discarding embedded nulls in $’...’ 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
disowning jobs 10.1 Jobs
doing nothing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
doing nothing, successfully 17 Shell Builtin Commands
doing nothing, unsuccessfully 17 Shell Builtin Commands
dynamic directory naming, helper function 26.4 Abbreviated dynamic references to directories
dynamic named directories 14.7.1 Dynamic named directories

echo, BSD compatible 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
editing history 17 Shell Builtin Commands
editing over slow connection 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
editing parameters 18.3 Zle Builtins
editor ksh style 18.1 Description
editor, enabling 16.2.12 Zle
editor, line 18 Zsh Line Editor
editor, overstrike mode 16.2.12 Zle
editor, single line mode 16.2.12 Zle
eight bit characters, printing 16.2.6 Input/Output
embedded nulls, in $’...’ 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
enable globbing qualifiers 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
enable history substitution 16.2.4 History
enabling bracketed paste 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
enabling commands 17 Shell Builtin Commands
enabling globbing 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
enabling the beep 16.2.12 Zle
enabling the editor 16.2.12 Zle
environment 15.1 Description
environment variables 15.1 Description
environment, and local parameters 16.2.5 Initialisation
EOF, ignoring 16.2.6 Input/Output
error, option to continue script on 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
errors, handling of 6.6 Errors
escape sequences, terminal, for highlighting 18.7 Character Highlighting
evaluating arguments as commands 17 Shell Builtin Commands
evaluation, arithmetic 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
event designators, history 14.1.2 Event Designators
executables, hashing 16.2.6 Input/Output
execution, of commands 8 Command Execution
execution, timed 22.23 The zsh/sched Module
exit status from pipeline 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
exit status, printing 16.2.6 Input/Output
exit status, trapping 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
exiting loops 17 Shell Builtin Commands
exiting shell, and asynchronous jobs 10.2 Signals
exiting, checking jobs when 16.2.7 Job Control
exiting, checking running jobs when 16.2.7 Job Control
expanding parameters 17 Shell Builtin Commands
expansion 14 Expansion
expansion style, sh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
expansion, arithmetic 14.5 Arithmetic Expansion
expansion, brace 14.6 Brace Expansion
expansion, brace, disabling 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
expansion, brace, extending 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
expansion, filename 14.7 Filename Expansion
expansion, history 14.1 History Expansion
expansion, parameter 14.3 Parameter Expansion
expansion, prompt 13.1 Expansion of Prompt Sequences
export 15.1 Description
export, automatic 16.2.5 Initialisation
exporting, and local parameters 16.2.5 Initialisation
expressions, conditional 12 Conditional Expressions
extended attributes, xattr, getting from files 22.2 The zsh/attr Module
extended attributes, xattr, listing 22.2 The zsh/attr Module
extended attributes, xattr, removing, deleting 22.2 The zsh/attr Module
extended attributes, xattr, setting on files 22.2 The zsh/attr Module

fg, output in POSIX format 16.2.7 Job Control
field splitting, sh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
field splitting, sh style, parameter 14.3 Parameter Expansion
file clobbering, allowing 16.2.6 Input/Output
file clobbering, POSIX compatibility 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
file descriptors 7 Redirection
file descriptors, use with parameters 7.1 Opening file descriptors using parameters
file descriptors, waiting for 22.35 The zsh/zselect Module
file, history 17 Shell Builtin Commands
filename expansion 14.7 Filename Expansion
filename expansion, = 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
filename generation 14.8 Filename Generation
filename generation, bad pattern 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
files used 5.2 Files
files, examining 22.25 The zsh/stat Module
files, global startup, inhibiting 16.2.5 Initialisation
files, listing 22.25 The zsh/stat Module
files, manipulating 22.14 The zsh/files Module
files, marking type of 16.2.2 Completion
files, shutdown 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
files, startup 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
files, transferring 22.30 The zsh/zftp Module
flags, parameter expansion 14.3.1 Parameter Expansion Flags
flags, shell 4.1 Invocation
floating point parameters 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
floating point, forcing use of 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
flow control 16.2.6 Input/Output
for loops 6.3 Complex Commands
forcing use of floating point 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
FTP 22.30 The zsh/zftp Module
FTP sites for zsh 2.2 Availability
FTP, functions for using shell as client 25 Zftp Function System
FTP, starting a session 22.30.1 Subcommands
function return, on error 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
function, scope of break and continue 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
functions 9 Functions
functions, anonymous 9.2 Anonymous Functions
functions, autoloading 9.1 Autoloading Functions
functions, autoloading 17 Shell Builtin Commands
functions, defining with expanded aliases 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
functions, math, use of 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
functions, mathematical 22.17 The zsh/mathfunc Module
functions, profiling 22.33 The zsh/zprof Module
functions, recompiling 26.2.2 Recompiling Functions
functions, removing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
functions, returning from 17 Shell Builtin Commands

globbing 14 Expansion
globbing modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
globbing qualifiers, enable 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing style, sh 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, ** special 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, bad pattern 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, enabling 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, extended 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, no matches 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, no matches 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, null, style, csh 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, of . files 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, qualifiers 14.8.7 Glob Qualifiers
globbing, short forms 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
globbing, sorting numerically 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
grammar, shell 6 Shell Grammar

hash 15.1 Description
hashing, of commands 16.2.6 Input/Output
hashing, of directories 16.2.6 Input/Output
hashing, of executables 16.2.6 Input/Output
helpfiles utility 26.2.1 Accessing On-Line Help
hexadecimal, output in C format 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
highlighting, region 18.7 Character Highlighting
highlighting, special characters 18.7 Character Highlighting
history 14.1 History Expansion
history beeping 16.2.4 History
history event designators 14.1.2 Event Designators
history expansion 14.1 History Expansion
history modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
history style, csh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
history word designators 14.1.3 Word Designators
history, appending to a file 16.2.4 History
history, editing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
history, enable substitution 16.2.4 History
history, expiring duplicates 16.2.4 History
history, file 17 Shell Builtin Commands
history, hook when line is saved 9.3.1 Hook Functions
history, ignoring all duplicates 16.2.4 History
history, ignoring duplicates 16.2.4 History
history, ignoring duplicates in search 16.2.4 History
history, ignoring spaces 16.2.4 History
history, incremental appending to a file 16.2.4 History
history, incremental appending to a file with time 16.2.4 History
history, sharing 16.2.4 History
history, stack 17 Shell Builtin Commands
history, timestamping 16.2.4 History
history, verifying substitution 16.2.4 History
hook function utility 26.2.5 Manipulating Hook Functions

identifiers, non-portable characters in 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
if construct 6.3 Complex Commands
input, tracing 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
integer parameters 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
introduction 2 Introduction
invocation 4 Invocation
invoking widgets 18.3 Zle Builtins

job control, allowing 16.2.7 Job Control
job control, in subshell 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs 10.1 Jobs
jobs, asynchronous, and exiting shell 10.2 Signals
jobs, background priority 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs, background, I/O 10.1 Jobs
jobs, backgrounding 17 Shell Builtin Commands
jobs, continuing automatically 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs, disowning 10.1 Jobs
jobs, disowning 17 Shell Builtin Commands
jobs, foregrounding 17 Shell Builtin Commands
jobs, HUP 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs, killing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
jobs, list format 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs, output in subshell 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs, referring to 10.1 Jobs
jobs, resuming 17 Shell Builtin Commands
jobs, resuming automatically 16.2.7 Job Control
jobs, suspending 10.1 Jobs
jobs, waiting for 17 Shell Builtin Commands

key bindings 18.2 Keymaps
keyboard definition 26.2.3 Keyboard Definition
keymaps 18.2 Keymaps
keymaps 18.3 Zle Builtins
keys, binding 18.3 Zle Builtins
keys, rebinding 18.3 Zle Builtins
killing jobs 17 Shell Builtin Commands
ksh compatibility 4.2 Compatibility
ksh, argument splitting in typeset 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
ksh, array style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
ksh, compatibility 17 Shell Builtin Commands
ksh, editor mode 18.1 Description
ksh, null command style 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
ksh, option printing style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
ksh, redirections with no command 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
ksh, single letter options style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation

limits, resource 17 Shell Builtin Commands
limits, resource 17 Shell Builtin Commands
limits, resource 17 Shell Builtin Commands
line editor 18 Zsh Line Editor
line number, in evaluated expression 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
line, reading 17 Shell Builtin Commands
links, symbolic 16.2.1 Changing Directories
list 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
loading modules 17 Shell Builtin Commands
local keymaps 18.2.2 Local Keymaps
logging out, checking jobs when 16.2.7 Job Control
logging out, checking running jobs when 16.2.7 Job Control
long option 4.1 Invocation
loop style, csh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
loops, continuing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
loops, exiting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
loops, for 6.3 Complex Commands
loops, repeat 6.3 Complex Commands
loops, until 6.3 Complex Commands
loops, while 6.3 Complex Commands

mail, warning of reading 16.2.6 Input/Output
mailing lists 2.3 Mailing Lists
marking directories 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
marking file types 16.2.2 Completion
mathematical functions 22.17 The zsh/mathfunc Module
mathematical functions, use of 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
mode, privileged 16.2.11 Shell State
modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
modifiers, precommand 6.2 Precommand Modifiers
modules 22 Zsh Modules
modules, example 22.13 The zsh/example Module
modules, loading 17 Shell Builtin Commands
modules, writing 22.13 The zsh/example Module
multibyte characters, in expansion and globbing 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
multios 7.2 Multios

named directories, dynamic 14.7.1 Dynamic named directories
named directories, dynamic, helper function 26.4 Abbreviated dynamic references to directories
named directories, static 14.7.2 Static named directories
no clobber, POSIX compatible 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
notification of background jobs 16.2.7 Job Control
null command style 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
null globbing style, csh 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
nulls, embedded in $’...’ 16.2.10 Shell Emulation

octal, arithmetic expressions 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
octal, output in C format 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
operator precedence 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
operators, arithmetic 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
option printing style, ksh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
option printing, ksh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
options 16 Options
options, aliases 16.3 Option Aliases
options, description 16.2 Description of Options
options, processing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
options, setting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
options, shell 4.1 Invocation
options, single letter 16.4 Single Letter Options
options, single letter, ksh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
options, specifying 16.1 Specifying Options
options, unsetting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
overstrike mode, of editor 16.2.12 Zle

parameter expansion 14.3 Parameter Expansion
parameter expansion flags 14.3.1 Parameter Expansion Flags
parameter expansion style, rc 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameter modifiers 14.1.4 Modifiers
parameter names, non-portable characters in 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
parameter, file access via 22.16 The zsh/mapfile Module
parameters 15 Parameters
parameters, array 15.1 Description
parameters, associative array 15.1 Description
parameters, declaring 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, editing 18.3 Zle Builtins
parameters, editor 18.5 User-Defined Widgets
parameters, expanding 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, floating point 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
parameters, for using file descriptors 7.1 Opening file descriptors using parameters
parameters, integer 11 Arithmetic Evaluation
parameters, listing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, marking readonly 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, positional 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, positional 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, scalar 15.1 Description
parameters, setting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, setting array 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, special 15.1 Description
parameters, special 22.19 The zsh/parameter Module
parameters, special 22.32 The zsh/zleparameter Module
parameters, substituting unset 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameters, unsetting 17 Shell Builtin Commands
parameters, warning when created globally 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameters, warning when setting in enclosing scope 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
parameters, zle 18.5 User-Defined Widgets
path search, extended 16.2.6 Input/Output
path search, for script argument to shell 16.2.6 Input/Output
PCRE, regexp 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
pipeline 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
pipeline, exit status from 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
precedence of glob operators 14.8.3 Precedence
precedence, operator 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
precommand modifiers 6.2 Precommand Modifiers
priority of background jobs 16.2.7 Job Control
private parameter, creating 22.21 The zsh/param/private Module
privileged mode 16.2.11 Shell State
process substitution 14.2 Process Substitution
prompt expansion 13.1 Expansion of Prompt Sequences
prompt, ! expansion 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, % expansion 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, parameter expansion 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, save partial lines 16.2.8 Prompting
prompt, with CR 16.2.8 Prompting
pushd, making cd behave like 16.2.1 Changing Directories
pushd, to home 16.2.1 Changing Directories

qualifiers, globbing 14.8.7 Glob Qualifiers
querying before rm * 16.2.6 Input/Output
quoting 6.9 Quoting
quoting style, csh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
quoting style, rc 16.2.6 Input/Output

rc, array expansion style 14.3 Parameter Expansion
rc, parameter expansion style 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
rc, quoting style 16.2.6 Input/Output
reading a line 17 Shell Builtin Commands
rebinding keys 18.3 Zle Builtins
rebinding widgets 18.3 Zle Builtins
recent directories, maintaining list of 26.3 Remembering Recent Directories
redirection 7 Redirection
redirection, current shell’s I/O 17 Shell Builtin Commands
redirections with no command, csh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
redirections with no command, ksh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
redirections with no command, sh 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
referring to jobs 10.1 Jobs
regex 22.22 The zsh/regex Module
regexp, bash BASH_REMATCH variable 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
regexp, PCRE 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
region, highlighting 18.7 Character Highlighting
regular expressions 22.22 The zsh/regex Module
regular expressions, case-insensitive matching, option 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
regular expressions, perl-compatible 22.20 The zsh/pcre Module
removable suffix, highlighting in completion 18.7 Character Highlighting
repeat loops 6.3 Complex Commands
reporter utility 26.2.4 Dumping Shell State
reserved words 6.5 Reserved Words
resource limits 17 Shell Builtin Commands
resource limits 17 Shell Builtin Commands
resource limits 17 Shell Builtin Commands
restricted shell 4.3 Restricted Shell
restricted shell 16.2.11 Shell State
resuming jobs automatically 16.2.7 Job Control
return from function, on error 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
rm *, querying before 16.2.6 Input/Output
rm *, waiting before 16.2.6 Input/Output
roadmap 3 Roadmap

scalar 15.1 Description
select, system call 22.35 The zsh/zselect Module
selection, case 6.3 Complex Commands
selection, user 6.3 Complex Commands
sh compatibility 4.2 Compatibility
sh, compatibility 17 Shell Builtin Commands
sh, expansion style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
sh, field splitting style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
sh, field splitting style, parameter 14.3 Parameter Expansion
sh, globbing style 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
sh, redirections with no command 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
sh, single letter options style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
share history 16.2.4 History
shell flags 4.1 Invocation
shell grammar 6 Shell Grammar
shell options 4.1 Invocation
shell, cloning 22.4 The zsh/clone Module
shell, suspending 17 Shell Builtin Commands
shell, timing 17 Shell Builtin Commands
shutdown files 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
signals, trapping 9.3.2 Trap Functions
signals, trapping 17 Shell Builtin Commands
simple commands 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
single command 16.2.11 Shell State
single letter options 16.4 Single Letter Options
single letter options, ksh style 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
slash, removing trailing 16.2.2 Completion
slow connection, editing over 15.6 Parameters Used By The Shell
sockets 22.24 The zsh/net/socket Module
sockets, closing TCP 22.27.3 Closing Connections
sockets, inbound TCP 22.27.2 Inbound Connections
sockets, inbound Unix domain 22.24.2 Inbound Connections
sockets, outbound TCP 22.27.1 Outbound Connections
sockets, outbound Unix domain 22.24.1 Outbound Connections
sockets, TCP 22.27 The zsh/net/tcp Module
sockets, Unix domain 22.24 The zsh/net/socket Module
special characters, highlighting 18.7 Character Highlighting
special parameters 15.1 Description
spelling correction 16.2.6 Input/Output
stack, history 17 Shell Builtin Commands
startup files 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
startup files, global, inhibiting 16.2.5 Initialisation
startup files, sourcing 16.2.5 Initialisation
static named directories 14.7.2 Static named directories
status, on exit from pipeline 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
styles in zftp functions 25.4.1 Configuration
sublist 6.1 Simple Commands & Pipelines
subscript flags 15.2.3 Subscript Flags
subscripts 15.2.1 Array Subscripts
subshell 6.3 Complex Commands
substitution, command 14.4 Command Substitution
substitution, parameter, flags 14.3.1 Parameter Expansion Flags
substitution, process 14.2 Process Substitution
suffix, highlighting removable, in completion 18.7 Character Highlighting
sun keyboard, annoying 16.2.6 Input/Output
suspending jobs 10.1 Jobs
suspending the shell 17 Shell Builtin Commands
symbolic links 16.2.1 Changing Directories

TCP 22.27 The zsh/net/tcp Module
TCP function system 24 TCP Function System
TCP, example 22.27.4 Example
termcap value, printing 22.28 The zsh/termcap Module
terminal 22.4 The zsh/clone Module
terminal escape sequences for highlighting 18.7 Character Highlighting
terminfo value, printing 22.29 The zsh/terminfo Module
text objects 18.6.7 Text Objects
timed execution 22.23 The zsh/sched Module
timing 6.3 Complex Commands
timing the shell 17 Shell Builtin Commands
tracing, of commands 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
tracing, of input lines 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
trapping signals 9.3.2 Trap Functions
trapping signals 17 Shell Builtin Commands
traps, asynchronous 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
traps, DEBUG, before or after command 16.2.9 Scripts and Functions
traps, on function exit 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
traps, POSIX compatibility 16.2.10 Shell Emulation
try blocks 6.3 Complex Commands
tty, freezing 17 Shell Builtin Commands

umask 17 Shell Builtin Commands
Unicode combining characters 16.2.12 Zle
unset parameters, substituting 16.2.3 Expansion and Globbing
until loops 6.3 Complex Commands
user contributions 26 User Contributions
user selection 6.3 Complex Commands
users, watching 17 Shell Builtin Commands

variables 15 Parameters
variables, environment 15.1 Description
version The Z Shell Manual
version control utility 26.5 Gathering information from version control systems

waiting before rm * 16.2.6 Input/Output
waiting for jobs 17 Shell Builtin Commands
watching users 17 Shell Builtin Commands
while loops 6.3 Complex Commands
widgets 18.4 Widgets
widgets, binding 18.3 Zle Builtins
widgets, calling 18.3 Zle Builtins
widgets, defining 18.3 Zle Builtins
widgets, invoking 18.3 Zle Builtins
widgets, rebinding 18.3 Zle Builtins
widgets, standard 18.6 Standard Widgets
widgets, user-defined 18.5 User-Defined Widgets
windows, curses 22.9.1 Builtin
word designators, history 14.1.3 Word Designators
writing modules 22.13 The zsh/example Module

zftp function system 25 Zftp Function System
zftp function system, automatic reopening 25.4.3 Automatic and temporary reopening
zftp function system, configuration 25.4.1 Configuration
zftp function system, remote globbing 25.4.2 Remote globbing
zftp function system, styles 25.4.1 Configuration
zftp, functions 22.30.3 Functions
zftp, parameters 22.30.2 Parameters
zftp, problems 22.30.4 Problems
zftp, subcommands 22.30.1 Subcommands
ZLE 18 Zsh Line Editor
zle, builtin commands 18.3 Zle Builtins
zlogin 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
zlogout 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
zprofile 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
zrecompile utility 26.2.2 Recompiling Functions
zsh/datetime, function system based on 23 Calendar Function System
zshenv 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
zshrc 5.1 Startup/Shutdown Files
ztcp, function system based on 24 TCP Function System

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